May 9, 2011

Dream House: Laundry Room

Oh how wonderful it will be to someday have a laundry room!  I have so many ideas for when that day comes...Here are a few:

Better Homes and Gardens

I am a fan of the striped rug and I love the old-fashioned sink.

Love the sink in this one and the built-ins:

This counter would be a simple thing to build and I like the fun wallpaper:

Any things you HAVE to have in your dream laundry room?


kristin said...

i love the first and last ones. just so plain and simple. I think the first one is my favorite of the both of them.

Cap Creations said...

Ohhhhh! That last one! I am in love! That paper, and I just told my husband that I want a counter over my wash and dry. When I can afford front load that is. lol!

Contacting you about a review and giveaway. Saw your post on our facebook page.

Katie said...

Love that second one!! Really wish I had a sink in mine. And maybe a couple of cabinets instead of shelves.

Alisha @ Crafty Brooklyn Army Wife said...

Love these laundry rooms!!

Lindsay said...

The laundry room with the yellow flower wall paper is my fav! My dream laundry room would have a window with an amazing view of a country side mountain

Delighted Momma