Mar 16, 2008

This pic was taken at Fat Cats in Provo in September or October (we went bowling with a bunch of friends)
December 19th we foud out we are having a baby GIRL! We are going to name her Allie Lynn Hills :)

Hanging out with Tad and Candice in December...snow day!

At the Jazz Game when our friends Heather and Matt got engaged in November.

Squaw Peak...the Fall.

American Fork Canyon

After a year in our Orem apartment we moved in with Trey's parents for a few months in Alpine. We foud out just after our summer vacation we were pregnant! It was a big surprise but we have been getting more and more excited.

Trey and I hiked to Snoqualmie Falls Hanging out at the campsite in Lake Roosevelt

Dad doing tricks

Brian doing tricks

Our trip to Washington for the summer. We went to Lake Roosevelt, Lincoln Rock...Boating every day for a week. It was SO much fun.

Demolition Derby in Heber...pretty redneck :)
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