Nov 20, 2013

Wooden Learning Toys: Part 2

As part two of wooden learning toys week, I would like to introduce Mama May I.

Directly from their about page:
So curious are our little ones. I believe that they learn through play and exploration. When I was pregnant I asked my Grandma for words of wisdom when it comes to raising children. She simply told me: "Don't say no unless you have to, and if you say no, mean it." These are words we try to live by in our home - a world of exploration, experimentation, and play for our little girls. I believe they make sense of their worlds, through sensing their worlds - like little scientists hard at work. The more opportunities our little ones are given to discover, the bigger their scope of learning and understanding.

Mama May I would be a great place to buy stocking stuffers! 

 You can follow them on facebook for special offers here!
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