Oct 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is my husband's favorite holiday.  While mine will always, always be Christmas, I can't help but love this holiday of Halloween too.  I think his opinions rub off on me a little too much sometimes.  If I had more energy this year, I would have loved to do a Halloween party with all of our friends.  I love these ideas from Pinterest:

What are your plans tonight?
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Oct 30, 2011

Belli Products Review

I was 33 weeks, exhausted, feeling frumpy and still had 1 1/2 months to go with my pregnancy.  The Belli Skin Care line I had agreed to review came at JUST the right time for me.  They came packaged in pretty tubes and smelling wonderful and I was so excited to try them out.

The first thing I did was apply a little Healthy Glow Facial Hydrator to my overly dry face.  Not only did it smell so good, but instantly my skin felt smoother, not oily, and I even thought it felt a little tighter.

I also dabbed a little Eye Brightening Cream under my eyes after a day of being tired.  I also used more the next morning and I swear I looked more awake and rested...maybe it was in my head, but maybe not :)

I used the Cleanser that night as a mask (left on my face for 5 minutes.)  It smelled SO good and also felt really great.  The next morning I also used it and felt more fresh-faced than I had in a while.  Again, maybe it was all in my head, using new products with pretty packaging, but I still felt a difference.

The last product that I tried was the Belli Anti-Chloasma Facial Sunscreen.  I love that it smells just as good as the lotion and face wash (even though it is a sunscreen) and it is tinted too.  So far it seems to be doing a great job, although I haven't been outside a lot, so it is hard to judge.  

Now that I have used the products for 2 weeks I can say that I love them!  My skin is usually SUPER sensitive to any kind of new product and especially to lotions- I never use lotion on my face because I break out so easily from it.  But,  My skin looks great after using them daily for the past 2 weeks.  I also have to mention that I use the M2 Skin Refinish 20% along with these products and it has made all the difference in my skin.
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Oct 28, 2011

Simple Halloween Craft

A couple weeks ago, while my mom was in town, I got to go spend time with some of my favorite people.  Me and a few cousins had a little "girls night" making a cute Halloween craft and eating food.  It was fun, and I decided to take some pics of their cute crafts to share on the blog. 

First cut out blocks of wood and sand the edges.  Then paint them black or any color you want.

Next cut out cute paper for each block.  You can also make these for other holidays and use other seasonal paper.

Mod Podge the paper onto the blocks of wood. 

Use less on the back to prevent bubbles from forming.

Add cut outs if desired, but make sure to leave room for the letters.  You might even want to do the cut outs after you put on the letters.

Another cute thing you can do is brush the edges of the blocks and paper onto a black stamp pad.  It causes a weathered/aged look that is really cool. :)

And after adding the letters, here is an example of the finished product:

I wish I would have taken pics of all the finished ones- everyone did something a little different and they were all super cute. 

Thanks for the fun night girls! 

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Oct 25, 2011

Lantern Mobile Giveaway!

Have you been admiring paper lanterns displayed pretty for parties and interior decor like I have?  It seems like they are everywhere right now.

I really loved this second image and wanted some kind of lantern mobile over Macsen's crib.  When I found this adorable Etsy shop called Janie Girl Crafts I got really excited.  She has one-of-a-kind paper lantern mobiles that are all custom made with an assortment of colors and sizes.  They are just the perfect little mobiles to go over a crib or bed, or even to put in the corner of a room.

 This pic makes them look bigger than they are- they are actually quite the perfect size for over a crib with the biggest lantern being just 10" and the mobile is only 30" long.  The one she sent me was a combination of Robin Egg blue, brown, and white and it is just adorable!  Very well constructed too.

Here are the many colors you can choose from...aren't they all so pretty?

Janie has offered one of you a custom lantern mobile!  This is a $60 value (with shipping)

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on what else you love from her shop

For extra entries:
Click on the "like" button on the left hand side of Janiegirlcrafts etsy shop
Click on the "tweet" button in Janiegirlcrafts shop
Follow Janiegirlcrafts blog
Like Janiegirlcrafts on facebook

Giveaway will end Nov. 5th.  Good luck!
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Oct 24, 2011

Book Review: Oracle - Sunken Earth

Someone I know recently released a book that I was anxious to read and was so excited when he asked me to do a review.  The book is called "Oracle - Sunken Earth" and is the first book in a 7 book series.

C.W. Trisef has always been a dreamer with a passion for creative literature, especially fictional adventure.  He believes that any quest can be realized within the pages of a good book.  One brilliant day, during the Spring of 2004, C.W. envisioned the first adventure of Ret Cooper and his fate with the Oracle.  Seven years and hundreds of pages of manuscript later, Trisef Book was formed and the Oracle Series officially began.

The synopsis from the book:

Fall, current day, Atlantic Ocean. Another hurricane tears through the Bahamas, headed for Florida. Among the wreckage: a U.S. Coast Guard rescue boat, one survivor (Ret Cooper), and a spherical object of curious design (the Oracle).

Ret Cooper is a simple young man with mysterious origins, unique physical features, and no memory of his past. His new family and friends discover he is truly extraordinary, with supernatural powers and strange scars on the palms of his hands. But what is his destiny?

The Oracle is the key to Earth's unity and full potential, too perfect to be man-made. Legend claims it can unleash limitless power when filled with Mother Nature's six, pure, original elements. But where are these elements? And which of our planet's ancient secrets will be explained in the process of locating them?

The first book from new author C.W. Trisef will have you cheering for Ret as he travels a submerged road, discovers a lost city, climbs an electrifying mountain, and begins to unravel the mystery of the Oracle ... all during his first year of high school.

There have been many, many times that I have started a book and not finished it.  I am extremely picky when it comes to reading, and not just about the genre or plot, but also about the kind of writing the author uses. The writing in Oracle -Sunken Earth is very similar to that of the Percy Jackon's series in that it is easy to read and to the point.

I also really liked how the book starts out as a modern-day story about a boy in high school and evolves into a sci-fi with some mystery and action.  I also love that it is clean and great for all ages.  I would definitely recommend it to everyone that likes a fun action-adventure fiction.

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Monday Funny

It has been a while since I've shared some of the things that have made me laugh recently.  Most of these come from Pinterest, but not all:

First, this video:

Happy Monday!
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Oct 18, 2011

Case-Mate iPhone Case Giveaway!

As my husband has an iPhone and it is the love of his life, as it is for many iPhone owners, he was concerned that it may not be protected as it should be.  For those of you who know my husband, you know how picky he is, so he didn't want just any iPhone case. 

He noticed case-mate cases and heard good things about them, so he asked if I would do a review for one of them.  I figured a lot of you probably had iPhones, so I was all for it.  

He received the Barely There Brushed Aluminum Case and the White Barely There Case.  He, like most guys, wanted to be able to fit it in his pants pocket so he didn't want something really bulky.  He also really liked the look of the brushed aluminum.  

So far he has really loved the cases.  They haven't interfered with reception and really do an excellent job in protecting his phone.  The ports are all open and available also, which is very convenient.

Casemate has offered a Barely There Brushed Aluminum Case to one lucky winner!

To enter to win, first make sure you are a follower of A Few of My Favorite Things and leave me a comment with the one you would choose.

For extra entries:

Tell me what else you love from Casemate
Follow me on facebook

Good luck!!

I received this product free from Case-Mate through the Case-Mate product review program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”)
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Oct 17, 2011

PomMagic Winner!

Congrats to:

Kelly J. R. said... 9 The pink ones remind me of peonies. Sigh. I think I would go for a 12 pom set in golds and browns. I have autumn colors on the brain.

kjramstack at yahoo dot com

You are the winner of the PomMagic giveaway!

Please email me at jessicahills22 at gmail dot com within 72 hours to claim your prize!
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I Love Fall

This year, being 8 months pregnant, when Fall is finally upon us, I have no desire or motivation to decorate.  However, I have seen a lot of gorgeous fall decor that I just had to share:

images via

I hope that your homes look more "Autumny" than mine does. :)
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Oct 14, 2011

Food Lately

I am not much of a cook at all, but lately I have been more motivated with all the yummy-looking food I have seen on Pinterest.  Usually cooking for me is something with 5 ingredients or less that I can either throw in the crock pot or that only has a few steps and takes less than a half hour.  Let's just say if it isn't as easy as making a sandwich I most likely won't even try. 

I had to share some of the recipes that I have tried recently and what I thought of them in case any of you wanted to try.

This recipe was easy, yummy, and healthy.  I am TOTALLY making this again.

This was VERY filling and pretty good.  It just took a while to cut up everything.  Too much work.

Not only is this recipe easy and delicious, but it is also pretty healthy!  Thanks for making it for us Mom!

And for dessert:

SOO delicious, so easy and worth the calories.

SO yummy (only if you have vanilla ice cream with it) Also, make sure you mix the brown sugar with the cocoa powder before you sprinkle it on the top (so you don't get clumps of cocoa in the cake)

These were definitely the favorite dessert recipe- easiest and yummiest!

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Oct 11, 2011

JewelMint Review & Giveaway

So, I had heard of JewelMint from a couple blogs that I follow and it sparked my interest.  I just love Kate Bosworth and especially her style, so the fact that she has teamed up with Cher Coulter makes me even more excited about it.  I also thought it was interesting that it included a monthly membership.  

JewelMint offers new pieces every month and helps you find the pieces that fit your own personal style. 

I chose the Paramour Necklace to review and was definitely NOT disappointed!  For one thing, it shipped very promptly and the packaging was really cute (always a plus in my book.)

I have worn this with so many outfits already!  I am always looking for jewelry that I can wear with anything, and I love that about this necklace. 

The one pic I have of the necklace on :)

JewelMint has offered one credit to their collection (one piece) of choice to one of you!

To enter the giveaway (first make sure you are a follower of A Few of My Favorite Things):

Leave a comment on what piece you might choose.
Follow them on facebook
Follow them on twitter

Leave a comment for each of the entries and good luck!

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Oct 10, 2011

Chic Decor Pillows Winner!

Congrats to the winner:

Jamie Clark said... 29 I love the 20x20 suzani print, white and bright yellow

Please send me an email at jessicahills22 at gmail dot com within 48 hours to claim your prize!
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Oct 7, 2011

Nursery Sneak Peek

I know, I know, I haven't been posting much lately.  I have had a lot on my plate- getting ready for baby boy, having my parents in town, photo shoots, wedding planning- just to name a few.  But, I have a lot of fun giveaways coming up and I will be posting more on my master bedroom redo and the nursery.  For now, here is a little peek at the nursery:

Happy Friday!

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Oct 4, 2011

PomMagic Giveaway!

I have a few really fun giveaways coming up and most of them involve pretty things you hang from the ceiling :)

Today we will start off with flower poms and pom poms from a cute Etsy shop called PomMagic.

The pom poms and flowers from PomMagic are gorgeous, so easy to "fluff out" and look good almost anywhere.

There are so many colors to choose from, as they do many custom orders.

You can use them for shops, parties, and as I will be using them, in your own home decor.

PomMagic has generously offered one of you a great prize pack of pom poms and flowers.  One winner will receive 2 large poms, 2 medium poms, 2 small poms, 6 mini flowers, all of your colors of choice!!

To enter, first make sure you are a follower of A Few of My Favorite Things, then:

Visit PomMagic and tell me what your favorite set is in the shop.

For an extra entry:

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