Nov 11, 2013

Bijuju Gifts for the Holidays

I am super excited to share this online accessory boutique with you today!  They seriously have the BEST selection and their accessories are a really really great quality and really great prices!

Let me introduce you to Bijuju:

As you can see they have some great choices in wallets and earrings, but these are just the top of the iceberg.  Here are some more that I LOVE and that I got to review:

First of all, this gorgeous tote.  It is really even more pretty in person, and feels so high quality.  The inside is just as pretty as the outside too- which is not always the case.

I am also totally obsessed with this one, it may or may not be on my Christmas wish list ;)

And this one:

I have had bad experiences ordering from online boutiques before- you really never know what you are going to get sometimes, but you really don't have to worry with Bijuju.  Here is just one example:

I ordered the wallet on the top for $20 (plus had to pay shipping) from an online boutique a couple years ago and was disappointed with the quality and how cheap it looked in person.  The fake leather started ripping on the sides pretty quickly after I started using it too.

Then, I got this $20 Bijuju wallet and was amazed at the quality, size, feel, everything! It felt like a high-end expensive wallet and functions amazingly too.

Now lets talk about their jewelry...
I am OBSESSED with the selection of jewelry they have!  Usually I am super picky and don't find a ton of jewelry in one place that I like, but I love SO many pieces on Bijuju its crazy.  And, its not super cheap boutique stuff- its the good stuff.

I am totally obsessed with these 2 bracelets they sent (magnetic clasps and they are super comfortable to wear)

I also received a couple pairs of earrings.  These hoops are my FAVORITE.  Love them- not too heavy and love how big they are, but still classy.

Seriously, go look at all the cute jewelry they have, because I could probably wear almost every single piece on their site and that is saying a lot for me.

Lastly, I just have to mention their watches, because I would love to own any of their watches.  They are all adorable.

Right now you get free shipping with ONLY a $25 or more purchase!

Okay, I have totally overwhelmed you probably, but no worries, if you want to get something your girlfriend, wife, sister, friend, mom, or daughter will love- go buy a gift card online and let them choose for themselves.  Consider it a gift checked off your list- you're welcome.

Oh, and go like them on facebook for chances to win giveaways, etc.

Thanks so much to Bijuju for sponsoring this post and making holiday shopping a little easier for everyone this year! :)
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Unknown said...

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