Nov 5, 2013

Guest Post: Bathroom Wallpaper Idea

Hello! I am Amber Hash and I blog over "The Vanity Room"

The bathroom is a practical and functional place that promises – and generally delivers – privacy. This does not mean that you cannot let your creativity loose in the bathroom; on the contrary, the very smallness of the space should encourage you to indulge your wildest whimsy! Bathroom wallpaper is becoming increasingly popular, especially now that manufacturers can promise that waterproof paper and paste will keep your bathroom décor looking as good as new for years.

Mix it Up

Go for partial wallpaper coverage, using a mixture of paint and wallpaper to create a panelled effect. You can make your bathroom seem taller or wider if you are careful about the placing of these panels, effectively using extremely broad stripes to enhance or diminish the room's proportions!


You are sure to be able to find the perfect wallpaper to carry your bathroom's theme through with the great abundance of suppliers and manufacturers that are accessible on the Internet. If you are not happy with the selection available to you, you could even enquire about having a custom-designed wallpaper made up for you. With most bathrooms being relatively small you will not need too many rolls of paper, which can make the experience cheaper than expected!

Wood and Stone Effect

If you long for a wood-paneled bathroom, or crave a stone-lined lavatory but are reluctant to go ahead with such a dramatic transformation, why not see if you can find wallpaper that offers the pattern that you desire? Wallpapering a bathroom is certain to be significantly cheaper than renovating the room, and will be a much quicker and cleaner process! You can buy some incredible wood and stone effect wallpapers from Next at really affordable prices. Other benefits are, of course, that you achieve the look you want without needing to treat the wood against dampness and without the chill that bare stone can exude.


Use your wallpaper to subtly alter the dimensions of your bathroom, widening a narrow room and bringing a misshapen room into proportion. Stripes are a very simple and basic optical illusion and you will be able to transform your bathroom amazingly, just by using stripes in the right place!

Photographic wallpaper

If you really want to create a dramatic and awe-inspiring look, opt for photographic wallpaper. Instead of pretty flowers or cute sea creatures you can have a city scape behind the loo, a mountain scene in the shower or even the beach extending away from your bath. Be prepared for cries of wonder from friends and families alike as they step into the 'smallest room' and find themselves under a waterfall instead!
You can also use high gloss wall paneling in bathrooms from as it is also very much in fashion for home decor these days. The best part is they provide a 5 year warranty with it! So let your imagination be your guide when it comes to choosing wallpaper for your bathroom. The most amazing effects can be achieved with large scissors, a tub of paste and a roll or two of the right wallpaper!

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Unknown said...

I absolutely love this style & Idea. They did a great job on all the little details too.Nice blog.Thank you for sharing this article.
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Unknown said...

These are nice wallpaper choices, Jess! It's hard to pick the right wallpaper for your interiors. It's best to check out some designs found over the net. Or you can talk to contractors and designers since they know what wallpaper can make your home look beautiful.

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