Nov 19, 2013

Four Score Media

Today marks the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address!

On Nov. 19, 1863 President Lincoln visited the traumatized and tragic town and battlefield at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania for the dedication of the Soldiers' Cemetery.  There had been so many casualties during the battle that they had to build a new cemetery on-site to accommodate.  To this day, they are still finding war relics and remains in the farmland there.  As horrible as the July battle was, it turned the tide of the Civil War and our Union was saved.
Mr. Lincoln had to both heal and inspire the nation with his few words.  He wasn't even the main speaker.  After the main 2-hour address, President Lincoln gave a 2 1/2 minute talk that he'd completed the night before.  He made history and renewed the faith, courage and devotion of our citizens.  He rededicated our nation to God and to freedom.  It was a remarkable and inspired moment.
Four Score Media is a company that was built on the idea that our generation should know the Gettysburg Address.  They have designed flash cards to make it easy and fun for people of all ages to learn.  From the creator herself:
It is my belief that we need a reawakening of this very spirit in America.  Hard times can defeat us, or can increase our devotion.  It is time again for a new birth of freedom...Once Mr. Lincoln's words are learned by heart, they continue to work in the heart and continue to teach us.

If you would like to get a gift that has a lot of personal value and has a learning aspect to it, but not at a high cost, these cards would be perfect.  They are made in the USA and you can get them here!
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