Nov 11, 2013

Just Had to Share

So I JUST paid for this great deal and I had to share because I think that these are SUCH great gifts for the grandparents. 

Every year I make a new calendar and photo books for our family- calendars for the grandparents and a yearly photo album for our family.  I LOVE Picaboo, so when I saw this deal I was all over it!

Hurry and today you can get it 10% off with code VETERANS10 so it end up being about $31 for $100 of credit to Picaboo!  Plus, the other thing I LOVE about Picaboo is shipping is free.  Every other single photo book I have bought online has cost 10 bucks to ship, so this is awesome.

Just go HERE to get the deal!  Its on for a few days, but the 10% off is just today.  Even withouth it, $35 is a steal for $100 of credit there!

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