Jan 28, 2015

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Let's talk about Valentine's Day for a sec.  I'm really not a big celebrator of the holiday.  I think its a little bit cheesy and forced, but I also have no problem showing my love to those I care about.  I think its a great holiday for those who have a harder time expressing their feelings to get a chance to show their love on a day that cheesy is okay.  So, if that is you, and if you aren't sure what you want to get your girl (let's face it, this mostly applies to men, right?)  Here is a little help.  Stick to the classics, but mix it up a little:

Helen Ficalora has a beautiful line out right now that would be perfect for Valentine's Day.  Their jewelry is so dainty and pretty, and I absolutely love their pink gold options for Valentine's Day.  

Instead of the typical dozen red roses, why not really surprise and spoil her with an option from
The Bouqs?  They have so many beautiful options- you are sure to find a bouquet that fits the personality of your loved one perfectly (along with the occasion)

My experience with The Bouqs was a great one-their website makes ordering and delivery so easy and their flowers come wrapped carefully and last a long time- they just seem to get prettier as the days go by.  The Bouqs sends their flowers next day from eco-friendly farms on an active volcano, and they smelled wonderful!  I highly recommend them!

You could go buy a big heart-shaped box of chocolates (that really don't taste that great,) or you could really impress her with some you made yourself that taste much better!  Here is a simple turtle recipe you might want to try.  Put them on a pretty plate or in some pretty packaging and she will definitely be impressed.

The ______ She Really Wants
Let's just be honest, most women have something they have their eye on but don't buy for a number of reasons.  If you want to really impress her and let her know how much you love her, get THAT thing and be prepared for lots of back rubs and kisses in return ;)

I hope this helps, and always remember to include a little love note with your gift ;)
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