Mar 30, 2012

To Splurge or Not to Splurge?

So, usually I am a pretty thrifty gal.  We're talking a single-ply toilet paper-buying person that also doesn't use paper towels hardly ever to save money.  However, I have been on the fence when it comes to buying clothing.  Do I buy the well-made expensive brands and only buy classics that I can wear forever?  Or do I go with the cheaper stuff because I get sick of my clothes every half a year?

Lately I have been on this kids clothing kick and have decided that instead of getting a lot of clothes that I kinda like I would rather buy a few things that I LOVE.  Allie usually cycles through her 3 favorite shirts and 2 favorite pants anyways...

So, here is the question:  I LOVE LOVE LOVE Hunter Rain boots and SO want them for my kids, but $50 for a pair of shoes?  Really?  Do any of you own some of these?  What do you think?  I can't find any knock-offs that are just as cute.  Are there any out there?  Also, would you go with the youth style (above) or the baby/toddler style that is a little cheaper (on the right?)

I am thinking that just MAYBE I could justify these if I buy colors that my boys and girls can wear so they can cycle through all of my kids...I am loving these green ones, but also could buy red or navy blue...
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Mar 28, 2012

Turquoise Cabinets

Lately I have been seeing the prettiest kitchens ever and most of them have painted cabinets!  I think if we buy a house with ugly cabinets I am going to have to convince my husband to let me paint ours.  Right now I am loving the turquoise ones, along with some neutrals like grey, white, and beige...what about you?

Maybe if I am too chicken to do my cabinets I would do a small kitchen cart instead:

You can find image credits here

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Mar 26, 2012

The Maxi

I am trying to decide if I need a maxi skirt or dress...they seem to be popping up everywhere and sure do look comfy. 

image credits found here

What do you think?  Do any of you own and love maxi skirts/dresses?
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Mar 19, 2012

Saving Yourself Some Money

There are many perks that have come along with blogging and saving money is one of them.  In "blog-land"  there are all sorts of couponing blogs that are really helpful when trying to cut back on groceries.  I had a friend that was asking about the ones that I use most often and I thought I might as well share them with all of you.  Click on each site's banner to bring you to their blog:

Now, a few of these often have the same deals and coupons, but when I am using Google Reader to go through all the blogs I follow, I often skip over some that I will catch with other posts, so I don't mind a little repetition.  

Here are the posts that I use most often to save myself some money:

1. Posts linking to grocery coupons for items that I actually buy (don't just try to buy everything with a coupon because you will end up spending more money than usual and will just waste food)

2. Posts with online deals for diapers- I have gotten as many as 300+ size 1 diapers for only $26!

3. Posts for other online deals- shopping with 2 kids is so much harder, so if there are some good deals online, I am ALL about having it sent right to my door.

4. Posts for free samples- SOMETIMES it is worth giving the company your mailing address, email, etc.  OTHER times it isn't.  You be the judge.

Hope this helps some of you save a little money!  Anyone have some favorite deal blogs they want to share? 
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Mar 16, 2012


My sweet mom just made Allie the cutest little seersucker skirt for Easter.  Now I have seersucker on the brain and I am seeing it everywhere!


images via

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Mar 12, 2012

HELLO! Skinny Jeans Giveaway!!

I have been looking for a really cute, slimming pair of black jeans for a while now.  I decided to try out HELLO Skinny Jeans because I had heard some good things about them.  I read the testimonials on their site, the 9 reasons they listed on their site why these jeans are the most slimming and flattering, and also read a couple blog reviews that had me really excited to try them.

I decided to try their BlackWash Barely Bootcut and I ordered them in a size smaller than I normally wear.  I normally wear a size 2-4 or 5's in junior sizes and a 27.  In these I ordered a size 26:

The moment I put them on I felt skinnier and much more stylish (than the sweats I just changed out of :)

The waist was not too tight and didn't create that muffin top that you often get when you put on tighter pants.  It also was a little bit higher (but not too high) so you didn't have to worry about anything showing when you bend over- something I have to do often as a mom with my kids.

 I also love that they are very comfortable.  They are stretchy but hold their shape REALLY well and hold you in in all the right places.

The barely bootcut is a very slimming cut and my husband (who hates skinny jeans may I add) really liked the cut of these and said that they actually did make me look thinner (and if you know my husband, you know he won't just tell me what I want to hear :)

You can tell when you put these jeans on that they were designed with a LOT of thought and planning.  Lucky for you HELLO Skinny Jeans has offered to give away a pair of the BlackWash Barely Bootcuts!

To enter the giveaway:

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Mar 7, 2012

Famous Dave's Tanning Lotion Giveaway

Being a blonde, blue-eyed girl comes with a price- my skin is blinding white in the winter.  Literally- I am buying the lightest color foundation on the shelves.  So, when I hear about sunless tanner I am definitely interested.  Many tanning lotions smell bad and look orange.  Not Famous Dave's tanning lotion!

When I put on tanning lotion, I don't have a half an hour to spend carefully applying it and waiting for it to dry- that is not worth it to me.  With Famous Dave's I simply applied it after showering and only had to wait a couple minutes to put on clothes.  It was basically just as easy as putting on lotion after showering besides having to wash my hands really good afterwards.  Famous Dave's Tanning Lotion is unscented, but still has a little bit of the scent of tanning lotion. 

I also used Famous Dave's Tanning Lotion on my face.  I simply used equal parts Famous Dave's tanning lotion and face lotion (whatever kind you prefer) and the results were awesome!  I know I am not the only one that looks much better with a little color to my face, and the natural look of Famous Dave's tanner made such a difference- especially to this sleep-deprived mom of a 3 month-old! :)

Famous Dave's has offered to give away a bottle of their tanning lotion to one of you!  Use this rafflecopter to enter:
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Mar 5, 2012

The Colors of Spring 2012

Article submitted by Christina Johnson

Interior paint trends for the spring and summer in 2012 show a definite preference for the mellow.  The latest paint shades reflect a need to unplug, relax and unwind inside the home.  Expect to see a great deal in the way of pale pinks, blues and greens.  Earth tones will also be especially popular.  Pink and beige might be combined to create a room that is at once soothing and highly fashionable.

 image via

The 2012 color palette reflects society’s interests and preoccupations.  Earth conscious consumers will be drawn to lush greens and earthy tones that help bring the natural world inside.  Brighter, happier colors draw on the increasing optimism of communities that are just beginning to emerge from a time of economic gloom.  Rooms using a stark combination of black and white accented by a bright red show the homeowner’s love of all things modern and cutting edge.  The wide variety of popular colors this year really lets the homeowner express their individuality and the things they value most in life.

Soft colors that suggest a pleasing nonchalance are perfect for the bedroom.  Soothing greens, pinks and purples may be combined with a warm off white or a neutral taupe.  Look for ways to combine these colors in unexpected ways.  Use taupe for the walls and add window treatments that combine off white with a pale pink.  Throw in a coordinating comforter and the master bedroom is right in step with the 2012 color palette.

In the living room, choose a more saturated color.  The choice can be bold, like a brick red, or more neutral, like a warm beige.  Use these tasteful colors on every wall in the room or make one wall the focal point.  Paint most walls in the room a lovely, restful egret shade and reserve one wall, such as the one containing the fireplace, to be the accent wall.  This technique never fails to draw the eye, and it creates much needed contrast in a room that might otherwise appear dull.

As a general rule of thumb, a darker, more saturated hue will tend to make a room appear smaller.  This can be effective when a homeowner is painting a rather cavernous space that they would like to appear more intimate.  Similarly, a smaller room can be made to seem spacious when light colors are used on the walls.  Keep these kinds of guidelines in mind while choosing colors, as they can greatly affect the overall impression created by the space.    

The new colors for spring and summer 2012 are available right now to give a delightful boost to any home's aspect.  Choose the pale and soothing or the bold to suit personal style.

Christina Johnson who works remotely for Douglas Elliman Real Estate in the Hamptons Real Estate market.  She is using her journalism major to combine what she loves most, writing and her career. Her specialties include home decor design and DIY home improvement projects.
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