Apr 23, 2009

Allie's First Birthday

Trey took an unexpected lunch break on Allie's birthday and surprised both of us with a little present for Allie. It was so sweet of him because I felt bad that we weren't really doing anything on her actual birthday.
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Well, we finally have the internet in our apartment so hopefully I will update my blog more then 2 times a year...

Spring is finally here in Utah and that means Allie had her first birthday! Trey turned 27 two days before that so I tell him he is practically 30 and he loves that :). My mom and dad and Mel came the first week in April, which was a ton of fun. We got to see the Jensen's out in Eagle Mountain a few times too.

Let's see...what have we been doing since Christmas?... Not much. Trey just finished the hardest semester at BYU yet, but won't get much of a break since he is going year round so he can graduate next April. I have just been trying to keep myself occupied since I don't get to see him much (working full time and going to school full time limits our time together.) I got a sewing machine for Christmas and have been recovering my couches, making pillows, adjusting clothing, and I am just starting to make Allie a couple summer dresses. I'm kinda the opposite of a perfectionist when it comes to those kinds of things though so we just don't look too closely at my finished projects :) Other than that I've just been filling my days with Allie, visiting Trey at his office, running errands, church calling stuff, visiting family and friends, taking naps once in a while, and of course there are always our TV shows we like to keep up with (American Idol, Gilmore Girls reruns for me, Prison Break, 24, The Office, and House.) When the weather is nice I take Allie on walks because she loves being outside and I need whatever exercise I can get. We are VERY excited for the summer and hopefully Allie will like the pool as much as she did last summer!
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