Dec 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Check out my Christmas tree on House of Turquoise blog :)
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Dec 22, 2009

Bedroom Pictures

I finally got these pictures up today:

They are from this photoshoot.

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Dec 20, 2009

My Mom

There are lots of reasons I hate living far from my family. One of them is because I miss their birthdays. Yesterday was my Mom's birthday and every year I miss it because we always leave after Christmas to go to Seattle. Every year she gets ripped off, because I spend more on her Christmas present and make it a birthday/Christmas present. This is my mom:

She is pretty, huh? I know. I get to look like her when I get older :)

She is holding 2 babies because she loves babies. She treats children with love and respect and like they matter just as much, if not more, than any "important" adult.

She teaches seminary at 6am every weekday morning to a bunch of 16-17 year-olds, some of which don't want to be there :) She always talks about how much she loves it and looks forward to it.

She is used to waking up early. She has woken up early since my first day of school. She made lunches for 4 kids every day so we wouldn't have to buy icky school lunch. She helped us get ready on time so we wouldn't miss the bus. And, if we did, she didn't get mad, she just drove us to school.

She was always home when we got home from school. The house was warm and welcoming because she was there, excited to see us and hear about our day.

Mom called the school when I didn't feel good enough to go, and sometimes when I did, but really couldn't deal with Junior High that day.

Mom would rub our backs, give us hugs, tell us how special we were, and do all those simple things that made us feel loved and confident.

Mom did all of those "mom things" that a lot of kids don't get because their moms are at work. Small, everyday acts, that most people don't think are very important.

All of those things were important apparently, because those are the things I remember when I think about my mom.

Thanks Mom, for all of the small, and all of the big things you did, and continue to do for me.
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Dec 16, 2009

Under the Tree

Don't you wish all of your Christmas presents looked like this under the tree? I do. Image via Style Me Pretty.
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Dec 15, 2009

Sights of Winter

P.S. What do you think of my new signature?

Entered the berry picture on:
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Christmas Favorites

I was just thinking about more reasons I love Christmas today...
Because this is what I see from where I am most the day (lots of white poinsettias and my Christmas tree which isn't in the picture)

Because random people say "Merry Christmas" rather than "hello" like the mailman and cashiers.

Because when you go out, even though there are a lot more people and there may be more traffic, there is an excitement in the air - you can feel it. Sometimes it is a stressful feeling like the desperation of people looking for the perfect gift. But most of the time it is a positive energy of people getting ready for family and food and fun.

Because if I am craving something sweet and don't have anything in the house I am okay, because I know I will eat my weight in treats this month.

Because I can watch the Christmas movies that I love like Elf, Rudolph, Frosty, A Christmas Story, and not feel dumb that most of them are for kids.

Because I get to wear lots of cute, warm sweaters. I love this one, image via Bliss.
Because this is what I see driving home from the store...where I picked up some pictures I've been working on for a Christmas present, and where I also got a present I wasn't expecting to get but found the perfect one and it was a great deal :)

Because people feel more united during the season, maybe because we are more giving, maybe because we are all celebrating.

And the list goes on and on...What are some reasons you like the Christmas season? Silly and sentimental...
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Dec 12, 2009

Easiest, Tastiest Peach Cobbler Ever...Did I Mention How Easy It Is?

One of my many weaknesses is my lack of cooking skills. Not only do I suck at it, but I really hate cooking. I don't know why I hate cooking so much, especially since I love pretty much every other homemaking activity. I just really hate cooking and I'm not good at it.

So, you have my word when I say this is the easiest peach cobbler ever. This is what you do:

Put desired amount of canned peaches in pan. I use 3 cans.

Sprinkle an entire yellow or white cake mix on the top.

Pour a cube of melted butter over it and cook in the oven at 350 degrees for around 30 minutes.

That's it! The only thing you could really do to mess this up is burn it...and even I didn't do that! Of course, I wouldn't sit down for 20 minutes and kept checking on it every 5 seconds...

But, seriously, it is the BEST. I could eat the whole thing by myself in a day. Make sure you have vanilla ice cream to go with it!

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Also, come back on the 19th for my first Favorite Things Friday!
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Dec 10, 2009

Christmas Bells are Ringing

This song has been stuck in my head ALL day...

But I don't care. Because I LOVE Christmas.

Christmas is my favorite holiday and almost favorite time of year except that I hate cold.

But I love white it's a trade-off.

This year is more special than others, for many reasons...

I finally have decorations, and not just any decorations. These decorations are almost all heirlooms from Trey's side of the family.

I love vintage stuff...I love white Christmases...I love decorating...

This is the first year Trey and I celebrate with Allie...she can get excited and feel our excitement and she will know what to do with presents now...

White Christmas with the ones I love...vintage, beautiful decorations from family...a new apartment to stay warm in...

...And most of all...I love my Savior.
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The Shoes I Mentioned

I mentioned some shoes of Nanda's in my previous post...

Here they are:

Love them.
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A Thanksgiving Wedding

I know it is late to be posting about Thanksgiving...but better late than never.

My Thanksgiving was full of family, food, and fun...and a lot of photography.

My cousin finally got to bring home his Brazilian bride and marry her in the Salt Lake Temple.

And I was the lucky photographer :)

Just look at how beautiful she is...

And even though there was a language barrier...I could tell she was just as beautiful on the inside.

Adrian came with me again to do some pics at the temple the day before their sealing, and hours before the reception.

It was SO cold and a little windy...
I felt so bad for Nanda (who had never been in temps. colder than 70 degrees before coming to Utah.)

But she and Nick were walking on clouds and didn't seem to care so much as long as they were together :)

She has got some great shoe style...
I will have to post another pic of the shoes she wore to engagement pics...

walking on clouds...:)

These pics were taken the Friday after Thanksgiving...

And these were taken on Saturday...the day of their sealing.

It was a beautiful day...a little warmer than Friday.

Nick picked out her ring...I thought he did a pretty dang good job!

Thanks for letting me be such a big part of the wedding guys! It was fun!

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