Jul 7, 2014

4 Diet-Friendly Treats

If you read my post on 5 new favorite weight loss tools you know that I really don't like the idea of dieting.  I do, however know that sometimes people can't eat certain foods for allergy reasons or have to keep certain foods off-limits to help them with their goals.  So, with that idea in mind, here are a few of my new favorite "diet-friendly" treats:

1. Low Carb All-Natural PB Crave:

This peanut butter with a twist is a great "splurge" that will still keep you on track with all-natural ingredients and healthy fats and protein.  I like using it in my green protein breakfast smoothie to add a little more flavor.  You can eat it straight out of the jar or even spread on fruits to keep it healthy.  They are also AMAZING on rice cakes, which leads into the next treat..

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