Apr 21, 2016

The Ultimate Trip to Kauai

 I think I have figured out the main things we wanted to do on our trip so I wanted to lay it out here and get some feedback from those of you who have actually been!  

1. Napali Coast

Apparently this is the most amazing part of the island- right along side the Waimea Canyon.  I think that I would like to see this up close by boat and go through the caves.  I am thinking Napali Experience is the one to go with.  Any thoughts on this?  Trey and I really wanted to do the 18 mile Kayaking Expedition but when I called it sounded like the chances of the weather not cooperating was very likely.  

2. Waimea Canyon

I was thinking I wanted to drive and see this in person but since we are staying in Princeville it is 2 hours away and I don't know if I want to spend an entire day on Hawaii in the car.  I thought maybe we should just do the helicopter tour to see this and skip the road trip? 

3. Rent a Jeep

Speaking of a road trip- I have heard the only way to do Hawaii is by Jeep.  Thoughts on this?  It is double the cost of a car so tell me if that is worth it ;)

4. Hikes

There are 2 hikes I am most interested in.  Trey and I aren't big hikers...the Heritage Hike and the Napali coast hike (just the first 2 miles of the Kalalau Trail) sound like plenty of hiking to me...especially since you have to hike to lots of the beaches and the waterfalls.

5. Waterfalls

The two main waterfalls I want to see is the Opeaka'a and Wailua and it sounds like they are close to eachother and not a long walk from the road.  We also want to kayak to Secret Falls from Wailua.  I also saw that there is a rope swing and place to swim at Kipu Falls.  Has anyone been to that one?

6. Beaches

Since we are staying on Hanalei Bay we will be seeing a lot of that and I plan on renting kayaks or paddle boards to explore the bay more including the river.  The other beaches I would love to see are Secret Beach, Tunnels Beach, Anini Beach, Seaglass Beach, Hideaway, Shipwreck, and maybe Ke'e and Polihale Beach.  Any other suggestions or input on those?

7. Food

I want to do one nice dinner at Tidepools then try to save the rest of the trip.  I would like to get shave ice at Hee Fat and JoJo's and have a Puka Dog.  We will have a full kitchen at the resort so I would also like to stop by the fish market to buy and cook lots of meals and the farmer's markets for fruit.  We are HUGE seafood fans so I am pretty excited about that part of it.  I have heard that Hanalei Dolphin is really good along with Lava Lava Beach Club in Kauai Shores hotel.

8. Queen's Bath

We are hoping to be able to squeeze this in and get up early one day and go swim here (less people in the morning) if the water is calm enough.  Anyone been there at different times of day and know when we should go?

9. Ziplining in Princeville

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Tiana Smith said...

I've never been. But it all looks amazing!

THE HYDE'S!!!!!!! said...

Oh I love Hawaii! It looks like you have thought of every little detail! Justin and I have done the helicopter tour on this island and loved it...so many beautiful waterfalls. I would say spend your money on that and skip the jeep....but it is fun crusing in style too!