Apr 19, 2016

4 Best Storage Solutions

Living in small apartments and then in a smallish home I have learned some tricks to maximize your space and also keep things organized (which is so helpful when you have 3 little kids running around!)  I am a little bit of a weirdo about organizing and get way too excited about it.  Here is what I find helps keep our house organized the best:

1.  Rubbermaid boxes under EVERY bed!

These hold toys in the kids rooms (I have 2 under each bed) and they hold shoes under my bed.  These are SUCH lifesavers and make getting out and putting away toys SO EASY.  Not to mention, you also don't have to stare at the kids toys all the time if you keep them stored in plain sight (one of my biggest pet peeves and something SO many parents do)

2.  Baskets baskets everywhere!

Haha!  I LOVE wicker baskets- all colors, all different weaves.  I love the texture and natural colors they add to any room.  I try to keep the same colors and weaves clumped together by room, but the sizes are usually mixed.  I keep a basket in the kids bathroom on top of their toilet with all the shampoos and washes (because if I leave them in the shower/bath the boys will empty a bottle in seconds... I also use baskets to organize my open pantry in my kitchen, store diapers and wipes, books, and extra toys.

3. Entryway organizers

If there is one place in any house that gets stuff left out it is the entry ways.  I have added some kind of storage solution to 3 entries in our house and they have made all the difference.  You may remember the Martha Stewart bench I talked about in this post.  I also have a boot tray and shelf with hooks by the back door and a shoe organizer in the front entry.

4. Get rid of stuff every couple months

Sell it for extra cash!  Seriously though, if you aren't using something and probably won't use it in the next year, it's not worth keeping around.  I sell my extra stuff on my local Facebook pages (groups that people create JUST for selling stuff) and usually have pretty good luck with that.  I also like to donate stuff to people that need it in the neighborhood or to my local Deseret Industries and Goodwill.

Now go get de-cluttering! :)
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