Apr 22, 2016

Favorite Things Friday: Jensen

To finish the favorite things Friday with my cute kids, last but not least is Jensen:

1. Stride Rite shoes

Stride Rite is always coming up with creative and innovative ideas for kids shoes!  First we tried the Snoot (sneaker and snow boot combined) and they have been SO awesome for Macsen.  The newest thing now is the Phibian Sneaker Sandal.  These can be used as sandals, play shoes, and even dressed up a little...They are comfortable and Jensen loves them.  

 Jacket and tee: Burt's Bees Baby, Blue pants: Target

2. Duplos and bristle blocks..

My mom got Jensen some Bristle blocks for his birthday this year and he loves them! They are really cool!  Macsen loves them too.  You can get them at Amazon here.  He also loves his duplos- I am putting off buying real legos for the boys as long as possible (because they are expensive, messy, and hurt to step on!)  but so far they haven't really missed them and duplos are keeping them entertained :)

3. Lovey's Tushi Stick

Not only does Jensen love this stick because it doesn't sting his little bum, I love it because I don't have to apply cream with my finger and its not messy at all!  It smells nice and it seems to clear up his rash pretty quick!  I am a big fan and so is Jensen with his extra-sensitive tushi ;)

4.  Burt's Bees Baby Clothing

I can't even count on one hand the times that Jensen ISN'T wearing something Burt's Bees Baby.  Between the hand-me-downs from Macsen and the clothing we have just for him he is pretty much ALWAYS wearing some super soft and comfy pants, pajamas, t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, and a jacket.  I can't even tell you which of all of them is his (my) favorite because he wears them all equally as often.  They match everything, fit him better than his other brands of clothing, and most everything has lasted through Macsen and now can be worn by him too. Pretty much his whole suitcase was Burt's Bees Baby when we went to San Diego:

5. Boogie Wipes

These are SO great for cold and allergy season.  Jensen has been my kids with the most colds for SURE and his poor nose gets so raw and red from wiping it with tissues so much.  I LOVE that boogie wipes not only gets the boogers off his face the best (dissolving hard to get ones) but it also is the most gentle on his skin.  They come in 3 different scents but I really don't have a favorite and I like them all.

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