Apr 15, 2016

Favorite Things Friday: Allie

Today we are celebrating Allie's birthday, so it is only fitting that I share the things she is loving right now!

1. Biscotti Dress

Allie was sent this Biscotti dress for review and it came just in time for the Valentine's Day photo shoot I did with the kids.  When she opened this package she freaked out because she loved it so much- the heart print, soft fabric, and the cute cut-out detailing in the back.  She has worn it a lot and it looks great on her!

2. Storytime Magazine

Allie was sent a couple issues of this magazine for review and she really loved them.  They are such a great quality they almost feel like books and the illustrations and writing in them also make them feel like you are reading a book!  I am sure Allie would love getting a new one of these every month- she loved reading them. They really are adorable- see for yourself:

3. Her Desk

Allie was gifted a small desk for her bedroom when our neighbors were moving and she LOVES it.  She does homework and other projects on it (including drawing and writing for fun)

4. Hot Tools Salon Curling Iron/Wand - Extended Barrel

Okay, so I'll admit that maybe this is one of my favorite things right now more than Allie, but she does love that it is purple (her favorite color) AND that it is so long that I can curl her hair faster, AND that there is a swiveling end which makes curling hair faster and easier and the cord gets tangled less AND the cord is WAY better than any cord I have ever had on any hair tool AND it gets super hot so the curls stay in better and quicker  AND I could go on and on because this is pretty much the BEST curling iron ever made.  That's all. ;)  You can get it here

5. Chocolate Dipped Granola Bars

If you haven't had these yet you HAVE to.  Yeah, they aren't healthy, but if you are looking for a better option than a candy bar THESE are it!  I put these in Allie's lunch instead of candy or a Little Debbie treat and I feel better about that...now if I could just substitute these for all of the Easter candy we had this year that would be even better! ;)

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