Apr 1, 2016

Favorite Things Friday: Macsen

I share so many of my favorite things, I thought I would do a little mini series of my kid's favorite things.  I'll start with Macsen:

1. The Beach
When we went to San Diego he could have spent the whole trip at the beach.  This boy is going to be a beach bum when he grows up I just know it haha!

2. His Burt's Bees Baby clothes
If any of you have seen the videos I have posted on my Instagram of my boys- you know how much they move.  They are ALWAYS on the go!  I love it, but also it kind of drives me crazy haha!  Because they are so active, they LOVE to wear really comfortable clothes that let them move and breathe and Macsen is especially sensitive to itchy things.  This is why I LOVE their Burt's Bees Baby clothing.  When I let him pick his clothes out he always goes for the soft Burt's Bees Baby shirts and jackets.

Their pajamas are also a favorite of ours.  As you can see below, Jensen also loves them and is wearing a hand-me-down shirt from Macsen:

Macsen wears this zip-up hoodie almost every day!  You can see it in the picture at the beach and below at the Zoo.  For Easter I changed the boys into shorts with their button-up shirts and bow-ties after church and they looked SO cute!  I will for sure be posting more pics of those when I get some good shots in the summer.

3. The Good Dinosaur
We bought this one when it came out because it was never in stock in Redbox and I am so glad we did!  The kids love it and especially Macsen!

4. Water Table
My mom got this for the boys last summer and they play in it every single day they go outside.  It has definitely gotten used a LOT.  Even Macsen and his 4-5 year old friends still play in it so it isn't just for toddlers.  My mom found ours at Kohl's for about $35.  Here is a similar one on Amazon too.

5. His Scooter
Allie and Macsen both got scooters for Christmas this year and they ride them everywhere!  I love them because they are easier to store and cheaper than bikes too ;)  We got Razors on Amazon for about $30.

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