Dec 4, 2013

My Birthday Buys

Having my birthday close to Christmas is good and bad.  It is good, because I know that at the end of the year I will be able to get those things that I have been wanting for so long, or I can also combine my birthday and Christmas present to get something more expensive (like an iPad)  Its bad because I can't spend much on myself at all the whole year, then when it is my birthday and Christmas I feel like I am spending too much in myself and feel guilty haha.  But, this year has been perfect so far, and I wanted to share the things I have gotten with my birthday money- especially because some of them are GREAT deals!

To me, iPad cases are like handbags.  I like to switch them up every once in a while for fun.  So, I bought 2 new cases this year and it only cost me just over $20:

White protective case (for the kids)

I am in desperate need of maternity clothing right now.  Okay, not desperate...but I always feel like I have nothing to wear.  So, I bought a couple things that I could wear after I have the baby too (maybe)

2 of my my very favorite tank tops from Gap:

One of my very favorite tees from Old Navy

A few clearance tops from ASOS:

And lastly, some cute boots from Old Navy (mostly just to get free shipping because I might just return them if I don't love them)

I saved the best for last.  This is what my husband bought me for my birthday this year.  I have been eyeing these chairs for weeks now, making sure they don't sell out because they are on clearance...and they didn't and I got them!

I can't wait to show you my living room all finished once they come!
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