Dec 10, 2013

Crio Bru for the Holidays

You know those people that just have everything and are so hard to buy for?  I have a few of those in my family...and I always think that the gifts I give them are things they don't really want.  Well, lucky for you I have the perfect gift for just about anyone on your list that is hard to buy for.

I am not a coffee drinker for religious reasons, but I SO wish that I was sometimes.  I love the smell, the taste of coffee-flavored everything, the idea of getting a jolt of energy from a warm drink.  So, when I heard about brewing cocoa beans I was quite interested to say the least.

I then found out that Crio Brü was local and was so excited to go meet with their CEO to learn more about it.  I couldn't believe the long list of health benefits that come from Crio Brü and the extensive research, travel, and preparation that went into creating it!

Let me just break it down for you:

Cocoa beans are jam-packed with antioxidants - which will help your immune system keep your body healthy.

One of my favorite products from Crio Brü was the chocolate covered cocoa beans:

Cocoa beans contain a natural stimulant (cousin of caffeine) called theobromine, which is gentle, long-lasting, and non-addictive.  Sounds like the kind of energy that most people would like, right?

Crio Brü also only contains 10 calories per 6 oz cup.  Add a few more to make it the way you like it (creamer, milks, and/or sweeteners) and that is a pretty healthy drink that offers a lot more benefits to your body than coffee or hot cocoa.

Brewed cocoa beans (the leftover stuff in the bottom of your french press that you usually throw away) still contain tons of antioxidants and nutrients and you can mix them in your green smoothies!  I add about 2 tablespoons of the leftovers (I keep them in the fridge) to my green smoothie of half a banana, 1 tsp peanut butter, 1 Tbsp. cocoa, a dash of agave, 1/2 cup milk, spinach, and ice.  When I have this for breakfast it keeps me full and energized until lunch and tastes like a milk shake!

Here are the different flavors of Cri Brü that I was able to taste and my take on them:

I am personally planning on using Crio Brü to help me lose the baby weight next March since it is low calorie, curbs your appetite, gives you energy, AND safe for pregnant and nursing mothers!

Here are a couple great gift options for the people on your list:

The first one is $39.50 and the second is $69.50.  These are SUCH great starter kits since they come with a french press valued at $30 and samples of so many flavors so you can find your perfect one.

Go get one for that hard-to-buy-for person on your list!
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