Dec 3, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: Little Duck Organics Giveaway

One of the biggest factors of my "mom guilt" often comes from the food I give my kids.  I really do try to get them to eat healthy, whole foods, but it is so hard some days.  Especially during the holidays.  Which is why Little Duck Organics snacks would be the perfect addition to your holiday shopping list!

Here is the story behind Little Duck Organics, which I just had to steal from their website because it was written so well:
Think about your all-time great dads—your Danny Tanners, your Coach Taylors.  Those dudes were awesome. They were like superheroes. Back in 2009, with two new baby girls, Zak Normandin was working on being that kind of dad when he noticed that all the baby snacks on the shelves at his local market were full of junk fillers and extra sugar. Not cool. So he asked himself that age-old question every man aspiring to supreme dadness asks himself: “What would Cliff Huxtable do?”
The answer? Easy: make no-sugar-added snacks using the most nutritious natural ingredients out there. No biggie. All he had to do was use real, freeze-dried fruit. It wasn’t rocket science. He just left out the nasty little gremlins that they put in other stuff like added sugars, pesticides, and genetically modified organisms. And like a true great dad, he did it all wearing the ugliest sweater he could find.
Now, only a couple years later, Little Duck Organics has officially grown into the coolest company serving the four-feet-and-under crowd in the coolest borough in all of New York City. (Well, no one’s made it official yet, but between you and me, we don’t know of any other Brooklyn businesspeople that toddlers mob like rock stars. Just saying.)
But we’re about a lot more than making awesome treats for little heartbreakers. We’re also about doing it in the most awesome way possible. All of our ingredients come from certified organic U.S. farms, and our products are certified Kosher and gluten free. And because we want every baby to be as happy and healthy as they can be, we’ve teamed up with 1% for Humanity to help fight poverty, hunger, and malnutrition worldwide. Guess that’s just the dad in us coming out.

I love the story behind these and what they are doing!  I was lucky to be able to try all four flavors and I thought they were really good!  Macsen liked them a little too much

Today Little Duck Organics is giving away 5 packs of Mighty Oats to one of you, your choice of flavors!

 Just use the rafflecopter below to enter:

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