Dec 2, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: Burt's Bees Baby

What is cuter than a baby or toddler dressed up in bright reds for the holidays?  Not much...which is why I am really excited to share the Burt's Bees Baby Holiday Line with you today.  You know from my previous Burt's Bees Baby posts how much I love their clothing for softness, quality, fit, style, and price.  What would be better to give your cute little ones to wear during the holidays? 

Just look at how adorable their items in the Holiday Line are!

I love the bright reds mixed with light grays and light blues!  I was sent a few samples and the velour is to-die-for soft and the sweaters are so soft and perfect for a baby to wear to any holiday gathering!

Macsen wore this adorable Rugby sweater to church on Sunday and he was so cute and cuddly in it!  I was a little worried about how it would wash with the bright red elbow patches, but it washed perfectly!

I have also been loving him in the velour outfit- so soft, comfy, cute and warm!

You can see the rest of their holiday line here and here.  You don't want to miss it!
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