Oct 4, 2013

Allie & Baby Girl?

So, the top floor of our house has 3 bedrooms, and we are trying to figure out where we will put the baby.  There are 3 possible solutions:  Allie & baby girl together, Macsen & baby boy together, or Allie & Macsen together.  I have been looking at ideas of what I would do in each scenario, and today I want to share the ideas I have for Allie & baby girl in one room.  They would be in the bigger room (blue-gray walls, and I DO NOT want to change any paint!) Here are my ideas:

Purple accents and lots of white:

 Bright color accents and artwork:

Add some golds like this mirror:

Love this picture collage and the butterfly print:

Greens and blues with a little pink and purple, paint the chandelier white:

Golds and brights:

Some bright pinks, oranges, and yellows, some touches of velvet like this couch and pillows:

Pink, blue, purple pastels:

A pretty duvet (H&M):

Something eclectic like this pillow from H&M:

Bohemian, Target has an amazing line called Mudhut that I may just have to raid:

Polka-dots?  Blues and pinks:

Blue, coral or orange, and some navy blue too:

Blue and pink whimsical:

Blue and coral with a little green:
image credits can be found here
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You have gathered some really cool ideas for the kids room! I loved the room in the 4th picture. The wide window looks so beautiful between the beds plus the touch of animal print against the white creates an amazing look. The collage of different pictures is like a wall art! Really loving it! :)