Oct 30, 2013

Dressing The Baby Bump

So, I have a little story about maternity clothing...this pregnancy has by far been the hardest for me.  I have been feeling nauseous most of the time (and I am 22 weeks!) and the only way I feel good is if I keep eating ALL THE TIME.  It is super annoying because I still don't feel great that way and have gained more weight than with the last 2 pregnancies.  I can't complain too much because I am just really grateful to be pregnant and to have pretty easy pregnancies.  But, this is becoming a problem when I try to get dressed in the maternity clothing I have already had that is fitting me like I am 7 months pregnant. 

So, the other day I was trying to put a cute outfit together for a date with my husband and thought I had found a pretty cute and pretty flattering outfit.  Then, the Fed Ex guy surprised me with a package from Miccimo.  It was like Christmas- I went in my room and pulled out all of the goodies they sent and put everything on.  One after the other I was shocked at how much better their clothing fit and looked than the "cute" outfit I had just spent 15 minutes putting together.  I even kept the dress on that they had sent for an hour so that I could show my husband how cute it made my awkward body look. 

Miccimo KNOWS pregnant bodies.  They are SO good at dressing them- trust me.  So, I hate to even show you my awkward fashion blog pictures I attempted, because they really don't do the clothing justice.  I am still trying to get the posing thing down- you'd think I would be good at that since I'm a photographer, but I am just not good at posing myself.  These are three pieces they sent that worked well together. 

The blazer is so comfortable and works well with almost anything.  You can wear it open or close the clasp in the middle:

The jeans are stretchy but still hold their shape and I couldn't believe the difference between them and my other maternity jeans from H&M and Love 21 (Forever 21's old maternity line)  They were SOOO much more flattering!

The tee with the Miccimo logo is also REALLY flattering as it hugs all the right places and the sleeves are the perfect length to make your arms look skinnier.  Black is also a great color for pretty much everyone to wear.

Miccimo also sent me some jersey leggings that are so comfy and thin enough that they are too hot (this is important when you are pregnant!)  I will also share pics of the dress soon- it is the cutest maternity dress I have ever seen!  I usually think dresses are not very flattering on pregnant women and that they should stick to skirts, but this dress changed my mind about that!

Thanks to Miccimo for sponsoring this post and take a look at their clothing- they have lots of new pieces coming out soon!

I will be sharing on What I Wore Wednesday.
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