Oct 18, 2013

Georgie Girl Studios Doorbell Giveaway!

For the second post of my curb appeal makeover I am sharing the least expensive and cutest part of the makeover- the doorbell.  

If you haven't seen the first post of my makeover go take a look:

I hadn't even noticed my doorbell to be honest, until I was looking at Georgie Girl Studios and all of her beautiful house number signs.

Then I saw the pretty matching doorbells and realized how ugly my yellowed plastic doorbell was!

Okay, so this isn't my old doorbell, but I didn't have a close-up and wanted to give you an idea.

Georgie Girl Studios has an awesome selection of signs and matching doorbells, and the coolest thing is that she does lots of custom work too- she made me a white doorbell in the style that I wanted and it turned out PERFECT.

I will be sharing the bigger picture of our doorstep at a later post, but for now, how about a chance to win your own custom doorbell from Georgie Girl Studios?

Just use the rafflecopter below to enter:
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Mrs Gable said...

Love these door bells. If you saw my front porch you would agree that it is in need to an update, and this little bell would put me in the right directions!

mel said...

SO cute! And now we have a house to put it on!!!

Manda said...

I love the fleur de lis.

Nathan Shank said...

The doorbells are very elegant!

Shay said...

I love your doorbell! I live in an old white farmhouse and the other day I told my husband we needed a new doorbell. Your design would be perfect for my house!

Harrywillson said...

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