Oct 11, 2013

J.P. Lizzy Diaper Bag Giveaway!

I am so excited to finally have another giveaway for you today!  I was so lucky to get to review a diaper bag (the purse that I had been using just wasn't cutting it) and J.P. Lizzy makes some great bags!  I got to review this adorable one:

Not only is is cute, but it is super functional and perfect for my 5 year-old and 2 year-old, and I am positive it will be just what I need with a new baby in March.

There are just enough pockets inside (3) and outside (1) the bag and there are also 2 pockets on the insides just for bottles.  The way it is designed makes it really easy to keep organized and to be able to find everything I need.  I also love how the bag is easy to wipe clean. 

Today you will have your own chance to own a J.P. Lizzy bag, this one in fact:

Just use the Rafflecopter below to enter:

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Nicole-Lynn said...

How fun! I like the Sandstone Satchel! I'm expecting my first baby (girl!) in November. Thanks for the opportunity!

Rachel said...

I love the Navy Mandarin Satchel!

Jessica Wiese said...

I really like the Sandstone Satchel but the Navy Mandarin would be my 2nd favorite.

Andreason said...

Super cute!!! Thanks for telling me! :)

Manda said...

Thank you!!! So excited.