Oct 11, 2010

Allie's Room Traditional to Modern

I have always been a big fan of traditional styles for interiors, but it seems like there are times that I am drawn to more modern decor.

I first decorated Allie's room with a traditional, cottage theme, using antiques and lots of white.

Plastic doves - thrifted and painted white:
Dollar store frames - painted white, fabric and paper inside
Glass figurines from Allie's Great-grandma
Wood letters painted white:
Allie's blessing dress made be her Great-grandma:
White shelves from Ross:
Cross stitched quote from my sister, frame painted white:
Random flowers thrifted, vase thrifted $1, mirror thrifted $3
Bird - Big Lots, painted white
Jewelry box - thrifted 75 cents, painted white
Pillow - lace thrifted, striped fabric from Home Fabrics
Fabric scrap from her bedspread, fabric from Home Fabrics
Frame - thrifted $2, baby outfit from Allie's grandma
These I found for 50 cents each at D.I.
Organizing boxes 3 for $9 on sale at Roberts
Green velvet hangers $2 thrifted

Then I decided to mix things up and give it a more modern look:

Curtains - bedsheets
Decorative rod - thrifted and painted white $1
Pillows- made here
In these frames I put some of the horse pictures I took:
Remember these butterflies?
This wall project I posted here
Rocking horse thrifted $5 and painted white
Glass dog $1 painted white

And the next project - to do her room now.  The color scheme is blue and pink.  I think you
 will like it :)

I am posting this HERE

PS Go check out the adorable newborn I took pictures of this last weekend. :)
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Unknown said...

This room is beautiful- you really did a great job. I would have loved to have this as my room growing up. :)

Justine said...

Allie's room is so pretty!

Just Better Together

melli said...

looks gorgeous ..love all the details xx

Unknown said...

This room is so precious!! love love love it

Melissa said...

The room is gorgeous!


the cape on the corner said...

looks great before, and after...can't wait to see the after after!

Etcetorize said...

So pretty! I especially love the butterflies~

. said...

Beautiful room!!! And you take fantastic pictures, detailing every little thing. I still need to learn that.

Ashlee Marie said...

She was born on my daughters 1st birthday! I know other people have been born on the 16th before, but kind of fun to find floating around my link party! Thanks for linking to Topsy Turvy Tuesday's!

Unknown said...

My niece, Allison AKA Allie, & I are transfixed. Beautiful, frugal, great :)