Oct 21, 2010

Favorite Things Friday . To Make

 I am a list person.  At any given time I usually have 4 different lists that can be anything from a shopping list, to a to do list, to a dinner ideas list, or photo shoot idea list, or even a blogging ideas list...random lists for all things.  One thing I really like to do is save photos I see from other blogs in folders.  These are my computer lists.  I have a "Decor Ideas, To Make, Photo Ideas, Gift Ideas, To Buy, Fashion, etc." folders on my computer.  I was looking through my "To Make" folder last weekend and thought I would share a few:

Cute Button Scarf

Jewelry Frames
 Chalkboard Shelf
 Bedazzled Heels

Some kind of bassinet stand
 These for a Halloween Party???
 This pretty table runner
 Any of these J. Crew ideas

 These gorgeous beaded rings
 A pillow that says "love" or another cute word
 Something I have actually made from my folder you ask??? These felt glasses cases for Mother's Day last year:
It isn't all wishful thinking :)

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Leanne said...

Those felt glasses cases are so cute! Thanks for hosting again.

Justine said...

I really like that LOVE pillow, the button scarf, and those tops with the ruffles :)

Just Better Together

Cap Creations said...

Thank you for hosting!

clarissa said...

I LOVE the pillow! It would be so cute in our room! Thanks for the idea.

Blissful Bargainista said...

Hi... I am your newest follower! Thanks for hosting =)

Etcetorize said...

Thanks for hosting! And I love the idea of a 'to do' folder. I always see projects and think I'll remember where to go find them again...and sadly I never do. Thanks~

kim west said...

oh...i loved everything on your list! love love love.

Maya Kuzman said...

Hello, Jessica,
I am new here linking a project I've made although have been following silently for a while!
It's great being here. I love the selection you've made today. Those Bedazzled Heels are a killer!

cindy said...

Thanks for hosting! Love all the ruffles....*sigh*

Renée said...

I'm a lister too and love all of your favorites...all the ruffles! Thanks for having us Jessica.

Katie said...

I do the same thing!! I have folders and folders on my computer of great ideas ... that maybe I'll someday get to ... :) That button scarf is super cute!

the cape on the corner said...

i know you could make those embellished and ruffly shirts. you could, i couldn't. i'm your newest follower; so sorry, i didn't realize i wasn't all this time. i'm really trying to be sure i follow the blogs that i link up at. it's only right. happy weekend!

Michelle said...

Love that light green cardigan, so pretty!

Love the Decor! said...

Just linked up for the first time
What pretty treasures!
I have a giveaway going on so plz come and enter when you get a chance

Ami Allison said...

I love that scarf!! Thanks for hosting! :)