Oct 6, 2010

Just Add Trench

I love how a trench coat makes every outfit looked pulled together.  And that it is the perfect transition piece in Spring and Fall.


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Sarah@AlpinePoppy said...

Yes! Such a staple for any wardrobe, I love trench coats, love, love, love. I am your newest follower and I am happy to have found your blog over at meet Virginia. I am also a mom living in SL, small world. Feel free to come over and visit any time, alpinepoppy-Sarah.blogspot.com
PS I love the name of your blog!!
PPS. I cant wait to try to curl my hair with a straightener, thanks for the tip :)

nic said...

hey! Found you from a blog hop. This may be strange but I'm glad to see someone else with an appreciation for that awesome dearjoe font. Is that weird? I'm sure it is. haha.

Pamela said...

I adore trench coats. I especially like the 2nd one you have featured. So chic and classic.