Aug 21, 2017

9 Summer Faves

I have been thinking I needed to share some new finds and some old ones that I still love for the summer.  We have been spending the summer outside every single day at the lake and pool, so a lot of these things have come in handy.

1. Shadow Sense

I have been loving this stuff for summer makeup since it seems like my makeup in the summer just never lasts.  I use the Smoked Topaz for all my contouring and eye shadow, along with adding more darkness to my eyebrows, and then I use the Onyx for eyeliner and it stays on better than any other eyeliner I've used.  Definitely not all day, but pretty close.  I only use three little dots of makeup for my whole face.  It's pretty amazing really.  They will probably last me all year if not more.  The Senegence eye cream has also been a game-changer for my eyes.  I used to use oil of Olay and the Senegence works SO MUCH better!

If you want to order yourself some, check out my friend's facebook page and send her a PM for some info and pricing.  She is great and will get you exactly what you need!

2. Real Cream of Coconut

This is the key to making those dirty soda drinks everyone loves so much.  Just add to Dr. Pepper or Coke with ice and you'll save yourself a couple bucks every time!  I got mine at the local Smith's next to the drink mixers, but you can purchase online too.

3. One Tribe Kimono

One Tribe sells Boho fashion apparel and their womens kimonos are my favorite for beach and pool coverup.  They are nice and light and this white one I got matches almost everything.

4. Marco Polo App

This app is so fun!  I have about 5 friends that use it and it is my favorite way to talk to them!  You know your friends that you want to talk to more, but you hate trying to get a hold of them on the phone or facetime?  This is way better than facebook, insta, or texting them and you just need to try it to get what I mean!!

5. Faux Birks

Once again, these shoe favorites make my all time summer favorites list because they are just that good.  I wear them almost every day and have about 4 just died :(  I am still on the lookout for another pair of faux snakeskin ones like these ones I used to have, so tell me where I can find those!!

6. Platypus Hydration Backpack

I talked about this backpack last year too and I love it so much still.  Still my favorite accessory in the summer when we are out and about and having little adventures and spending all our time outside.  My dad even got one on Amazon after seeing mine and how awesome it is. Read more about it here

7.  Favorite Sunscreen

Last year I could tell I did a lot of damage to my facial skin after the summer was over.  I knew I needed to be better about applying sunscreen this summer and I have made sure to put sunscreen on everyday.  For a while I was using CeraVe, but I was able to sample a new suncreen called Maelove and I LOVE the way it feels on my face and protects my skin.  It is also a primer and keeps my makeup looking so much better than previous sunscreens.  Maelove has these qualities:
  • A mineral based sunscreen (18% zinc) SPF 30 (non-nano)
  • Infused with antioxidants and doubles as a makeup primer
  • Does not leave you greasy, flaky or with a white cast.
  • Made in America and Developed in Silicon Valley

  I am REALLY happy with my skin products right now- you can read about them more here.

8. Microblading

My sister did a touch up to my microblading on my eyebrows from doing them last Spring and I had her do them even darker.  I LOVE having dark eyebrows right now and I will be getting them touched up again in a couple weeks.  She is currently doing them in Utah, but may be doing them in the Northwest pretty soon.  Here is her facebook profile if you want to message her and get an appointment or more details.  She has a couple spots for THIS WEEKEND in Orem, UT if you are local.

I loved having these Dickinson's facial cleansing cloths to wash my face after getting them done.  You aren't supposed to get your eyebrows wet for a few days after you get them done so these cloths were a lifesaver!  I also really like having them for camping and other trips, along with the de-puffer eye gel.

9. Apple Watch 

I just got an apple watch after wanting one for a couple years and I LOVE it!  It helps me stay off my phone more and stay on top of things.  I will set reminders for myself, watch how active I am in the day, see if I am getting a call or a text, and it's just easier than trying to have my phone by my side all day.  I also got a few different bands and it is fun to have as an accessory.  As you can see, the gold band is my fave :)  I'll post a link to it.

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