Aug 29, 2017

Master Bedroom Reveal (For Now)

Well, there are still quite a few things I plan on doing in here- mostly adding the bedside lamps to the wall and then decorating those tables and tying it all together.  But, for now I thought I would share what I have done.

Side tables are from Target, along with the bedframe and headboard.  Pillows are from Ikea and Amazon link here.  

Artwork from Jessica Hills Photography.  I found this cool root out in our backyard and other accessories from Costco, Ross, Home Goods, and thrifted.

Barn door is from Lowes and my TV stand is from Joss and Main.  Curtains and rods from Ikea and bamboo shades are from JCPenny.

I am planning on buying some gold/black/nickel/chrome lights for the bedside tables but I am still playing with ideas and looking at lots of options.  I know I need to tie everything in here together a little better since I have multiple metals and different wood tones.  Still not sure what I want to do though.

I tried to bring in some of the lighter wood tones and mix in some of the darker ones too.  I think I will be white washing the bamboo shades in a couple years and mixing things up a little bit.  

Lights are from Home Depot but are out of stock.  We mixed some chrome with polished nickel in here and I think it looks ok- maybe in the future I'll change some of it out.

The counter-top is a speckled white quartz.  It is the same in the kitchen too.  I love it and I love that I can see if my counter is clean or dirty.

My shower is my favorite part of the bathroom.  We did large glossy white tile and a hexagon marble in the cutouts and the floor that I am obsessed with!

I've never had a nice bathtub before and feel really spoiled with this nice, big garden tub.

LOVE my square under-mounted sinks!  I am doing the same downstairs.  So easy to clean and bigger than the round ones.

I can never fold my towels right and make them look good on a towel rod, so I decided to use a towel hanger instead and I bought our towels at Ikea since they have the hanger already attached to them.

The closet is a great size for me and Trey.  We don't have a ton of clothes and I hang all my pants and blouses then the rest I like to fold.  I also don't have a ton of nice shoes, so most of them stay in the mudroom baskets.  

Let me know if you are looking for any other sources!  Thanks!

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