Aug 25, 2017

Favorite Things Friday: Window Treatments

Building a house had been a little bit stressful and caused some disagreements with me and Trey.  The funny thing is the house decision we disagreed and argued the MOST about was window treatments!  Isn't that so weird?!  So, I thought I would share what we have ended up choosing and loving and hating, etc.

When we chose our builders, one thing we LOVED was that they did amazing finish work and LOTS of big windows.  Those two things sold us.  The number one thing we did NOT want to do with window treatments was hide our windows or their casings.  We played with so many ideas.  One I love is to do sheer window panels and then curtains too.  I think I may do that in the office and bedrooms downstairs.  We also talked a lot about just regular white vinyl blinds in a faux wood.  Plantation shutters are so beautiful and nice, but I didn't want anything permanent on the windows.

 I knew I wanted curtains and rods for sure.  I love the color, texture, softness that curtains bring to a room and so I decided I would hang them outside of the casings to frame them.  I also wanted rods to add more black metals to tie in with my black lighting (which I chose in the beginning to balance my black fireplace and TV on one side of the room)

I used Ikea's rods and curtains to start (already had the curtains.)  I like them, I don't LOVE them, and I will probably switch them out in a couple years when I figure out what I really want.  For now they are great though!

We ended up choosing bamboo shades (got them for a steal at JC Penny) for a million different reasons.  I still am not sure if I LOVE them, but I like them a lot and how they look and function.  I think in a few years I might whitewash them and do a little house redecorating to be more open and airy and "beachy" feeling.  For now I like that they are a little bit of a contrast and add some great wood tones and texture.  They tie in our new shelves and fireplace, along with the kitchen table and stools.  

I did the same bamboo in the whole house and the same curtains in my master bedroom.  However, I just switched them out with some I got at Target and I LOVE them.  They are these Seymour room darkening ones and they come in extra wide too.  I got the Stone color.  They hang really nicely, are really lightweight and glide easily on the rod. They are not blackout, but they do a great job darkening the room.

This is where we are so far with the windows.  I am planning on doing blackout shades in the basement theater/playroom.  I will for sure share them when I have those up!

Hopefully this helps some of you figure out what you want to do on your windows!
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