Jun 11, 2013

DIY Switchable Phone Covers

I noticed on Pinterest a while ago that there was a great idea to buy an clear iPhone case and just switch out paper to mix up the patterns.  

Since I don't have an iPhone I thought I would try it with my 1 cent $15 a month phone.  Guess what?  It still worked!  Not to mention the clear case only cost me $4...

Check it out:

Now I can have an infinite amount of patterns for my phone for just the cost of paper!  How fun is that?
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erinj0 said...

LOVE that idea!!! I always am wanting to change my covers to new ones that I find or a design that fits my mood. What a budget friendly way to do that :)

dijahenry said...

Great idea! I actually have an iphone and a clear case that I haven't done anything with. Now I'm inspired!

Roeshel said...

I just did this recently with my iphone too. So fun! Thanks for sharing! :)

Doused In Pink said...

Great idea! My daughter changes her cell phone case frequently - this will be a fun way to create her own personalized covers! Thanks for sharing this!


Anonymous said...
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