Jun 14, 2013

Bright Eyes Blankets Giveaway!

I am really excited to introduce a new baby blanket company to you guys today!  It is called Bright Eyes and they make baby blankets in bold black and white patterns to help develop your baby's sight!  It is the coolest idea!

Here is a little more about them:
The blankets are designed with beautiful black and white color patterns because they look really nice, and because studies have shown that black and white contrasts register the best on a baby's eyes, which plays a major role in their development. The creators of the company searched and searched for simple and beautiful looking blankets to use and decorate a baby's room, and they were unable to find anything that they liked with the quality and patterns they were searching for.  These are high quality blankets and the owners of the company spent a good deal of time designing them and using fine materials so they would be a cut above. 

Bright Eyes sent me a tummy time blanket in the zig-zag print and I am totally impressed with it.  Not only is the print really cute and aesthetically pleasing, but the type of fabric used is exactly what you would want for a blanket to lay on the floor or even outside on grass.  It is washable and feels a lot like those fancy picnic blankets you buy that don't get dirty very easily.  It also has extra batting (compared to most baby blankets) so the baby will be comfortable on the floor.

These guys really did their homework and thought of everything when designing their blankets and I am so excited that one of you will get to win one Bright Eyes blanket of choice!

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Tiana Smith said...

Your Rafflecopter thingy says the contest isn't open yet...? :)

Emily Robison said...
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The Harkers said...

Love the geo boxes!

Unknown said...

Hand Knit :: White Border

Tahina Quezada said...

I like the black spots thank you for the giveaway

Nicole-Lynn said...

How fun! If I won, I'd choose the Tummy Time Zig Zag blanket.

I'm expecting my first baby this fall. Thanks for the opportunity.