Jun 27, 2013

Burt's Bees Baby on Target Daily Deals

Tomorrow on Target.com they will have an amazing Burt's Bees Baby package on their daily deals page!  You can choose between the blush or sail blue colors and get their Bedtime to Bathtime 9 piece gift set for $45, originally $59.95!  

              The set includes:
·          1 Ply Towel
·          2 Washcloths
·          2 Ply Solid Blanket
·          Allover Bee Coverall
·          Allover Bee Knot Top Hat
·          Short-sleeved Bodysuit
·          Baby Bee Mini Wash
·          Baby Bee Mini Lotion 

 Any new mom would be so excited to get this as a gift so get as many as you have friends with new babies on the way!

They are even prepacked for you so no wrapping needed!

So mark your calendars and get them while you can tomorrow!
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