Mar 1, 2011

My Dream Home

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the future.  Where will we end up settling down?  What kind of house will we finally buy?  We still have 5 years of school ahead of us, but sometimes it is fun to plan some of these things; even though I know I can't plan that far ahead in the future.  

For the location:
Of course I love Seattle and would love to be by my family.

Although, I would also love to live in Oregon 
(preferably close enough to go to the coast every so often)

If the great northwest isn't where we end up I would also be in heaven in Florida.
While we were there last Fall we drove through a couple cities that we really liked.

 For the style:
The last two years of blogging has opened my eyes to the many styles of interiors there are.  As of recent I have been drawn to the Rustic Revival style.  I took this quiz to see what it was called and read more about it.  Go take it yourself!

First off, the layout:

I love ramblers (since they tend to have more light) and I would love something with big windows 
(preferably south-facing.)

I shared this pic a while ago on my blog already, but it really does portray my style to a tee.  The dark rustic wood, white fabrics, big windows, lots of natural light, and wicker.

I love the contrast of dark wood and white; and an open kitchen is a must.

I am also a huge fan of interesting ceilings and crown molding.  Along with big, tall doors...
 ...and windows.

I would love to have a fireplace (preferably white)

And, a spot for a desk out in the main living area that doesn't look out of place.

I love big, open rooms, and this includes the bathrooms.

Again, the contrast and marble will always be my counter-top of choice :)

Stay tuned for the rest of my dream home...
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Katie said...

Ooohhh, that is gorgeous!! Can I live there too? :)

Katy @ Live Laugh Love Craft said...

Really think about your decision on where you will be moving to. While Florida is pretty, it is hot, hot, HOT here most of the year! And the weather is crazy! Sunny one minute, pouring down rain te next. A few weeks ago it was in the 30's here and then it was like we hit a wall and it has been 80 degrees ever since. I think it is a nice place for vacations, but I would love to live somewhere where there are 4 seasons!

M said...

Maybe I just don't have much in the way of ambition but the only things I'm absolutely determined to have in my house are a power shower and a huge brick barbecue. Well, the barbecue wouldn't actually be in the house but you know what I mean. :P

Ideally, I'd like a detached house, standing on its own bit of land, like a lot of the houses in Canada and America. But that kind of property isn't what you'd call commonplace here and the ones that are available tend to have a house valuation that makes the eyes water.

Still, I can always hope to win the lottery...