Mar 15, 2011

Dream House: Windows, Ceilings, Flooring

The absolute most important element in my dream house is to have TONS of natural light.  We are not buying a house if it feels like a cave.  My perfect dream house would have windows like any of these:

via Life of Polarn Per

Designer Darryl Carter

via Patterson Maker

For the ceilings I SO badly want exposed beams.  There are so many that I love:

via Country Living

Annette Joseph Kitchen

I also love the brick in this one:
Designer E. Cummings

via This Pretty Space

And the ceiling and columns in this one:

via This Pretty Space

Tricia Guild

Madeine Stuart

For the flooring, I really love wood floors like I love chocolate - DARK. 

via Decorista

via thatkindofwoman

Of course, I want my bedrooms to have carpet or some big rugs...and probably carpet in the living room area too.  Like these:




Patricia Gray

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Tammy @BeatriceBanks said...

Delightful post! Yes to light, beams and rugs! Love them all.

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Gorgeous inspiration photos Jessica! Love the exposed beams! And I LOVE dark hardwood floors but I've heard that they're hard to keep looking clean. So I'll take a maid to go with them, please! Those rooms with massive, so pretty.

Kylar said...

I loved looking at these photos! After I get my BA I'm going to interior design school and I simply salivate over designs like these. Someday I'll be able to move out of student housing and create a beautiful space!

Unknown said...

Very inspiring! It's very relaxing to live in a house with interiors like these. I so love them like my house in St. Louis. Windows design made way to sunlight that make the atmosphere livelier and cozy.