May 25, 2010

Go Try it ON!

I recently just found this cool website:

It is so cool!  I love the idea of getting honest opinions on your outfits before going out, or just for the heck of it.  I have really been wanting to try to be more stylish and put cuter outfits together.  I recently discovered this website too:

It lets you pout together ideas of interiors, fashion, etc.  So, I am going to start putting together examples of my outfits on Polyvore and share them with you!  I tried the whole taking a picture of what I'm wearing and it is just too much work.  

For starters, these have been the clothes I have worn most the "go-to" clothing if you will.

Love cute cowboy boots that keep my pants dry.

Love skinny jeans that I swear keep me warmer.

Love my jacket from Love Culture that feels like a sweatshirt.

Love plain scoop neck tees in bright colors.

Love my gray cardigan with pockets that I wear every week.

Love gold jewelry and especially my big leaf earrings.

I plan on sharing more of my favorite outfits/clothing.  And please, give me all the fashion suggestions you like - I obviously need them!
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Anna @ IHOD said...

I LOVE your picks! So cute! I have boots similar to those that i wear ALL the time:)

Anonymous said...

Just from those pictures i'd say you have a awesome style!! I love those two websited too!!

Alely said...

i love the boots! i've been wanting a pair like those.

Jax @ AlyandAsh said...

Cute cute cute! I have recently found those websites too and the link party where you take a pic of what you wear each day. I totally want to join in too but never get a picture taken. It's really hard to do it! I don't have a good full length mirror so I need to play with the timer on my camera...never used it before!