May 11, 2010

The Girls

For those of you that love this show as much as me, you can get the complete series today for $99 with free shipping.  That is $160 less than the normal price...just sayin.

Late Mother's Day gift?  Go here if you want it!

This was my Mother's Day gift :)
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emily anderson said...

SERIOUSLY?! i have collected all the season over the past 2 or so years...paying a pretty penny for each season. i didn't realize they would make it so darn cheap!

i love this show!

Student Entrepreneur said...

One of my most fav shows in the world!!!

marci said...

I love Gilmore Girls!! I already own the series. I paid way more for it and now I'm sad. Oh well. Nothing that can't be fixed by watching Gilmore Girls! :)

Yellow House said...

I have been eyeing that box set for awhile. Gilmore Girls is one of my all time favorites! I will go check it out!

Anonymous said...

While I love the Gilmore Girls to pieces "the girls" to mean is the Golden Girls! But that is a really good price. I've been wanting to buy some seasons for a while, just haven't done it yet.

Becky said...

My roommate has all of the seasons and I just finished up the 6th last night. It broke my heart and now I'm sitting at work dying to watch the first episode of the next season. I missed those ones on my mission. Enjoy them! You should have a Gilmore Girls party!

MarytheKay said...

Oh, how I heart the Gilmore Girls...they are like familiy to me. :-) I actually didn't discover them until about 2 summers ago. I had a friend who loaned them all to me. Yeah, I was obsessed for a while!