May 19, 2010

Jax From Aly & Ash - Lace Flower Tutorial

Little Lace Flower with Aly&Ash
Hello Favorite Things readers! My name is Jax and I'm so excited to be guest posting over here today! I love Jessica's blog and her awesome link parties every Friday! Jessica was also the winner of my very first giveaway and she will be guest posting on Aly&Ash Friday so don't  miss it!  Also if you live in AZ or are planning a visit I'm co-hosting a super fun event in June!
Click {HERE} for more info!

Now onto today's Little Lace Flower tutorial!
What you'll need:
Lace Trim - Felt - Glue Gun
Step One: Trace and cut two circles out of your felt.
Step Two: Apply a thin bead of glue to the outside of your felt circle.
Step Three: Stick the inside edge of your lace trim to the glue.
Step Four: Continue steps 2&3 in small increments. 
(I used an old thimble to prevent burning my fingers on the hot glue.)
Step Five: When you get to the center just cut your trim and glue end down.
Optional Steps: Now you can either leave the lace flower as is or embellish the center:
(I found these adorable brads at Target)
You will want to make a pilot hole with your craft knife, then add your brad.
Now you have a cute little lace flower!
Isn't she pretty! You can use this so many different ways! I choose to put it on a large bobby pin.
(When I make soft headbands I sew the elastic with a long overlap and opening so I can slide these puppies right in!)
To secure to the bobby pin slide you 2nd piece on felt through the center.
Now glue your lace flower on top!
Tada! I love the vintage feel & can't wait to wear it! Well thanks so much for having me! Come check out Aly&Ash for more great projects, tutorials & free templates! And don't miss Jessica's guest post Friday! Have a great day!
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Natalie Smith said...

These are super cute!

Anonymous said...

I need to bookmark this tutorial. So cute! :) I've always wanted to do a DIY project, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. Maybe this will be my first one.

Deepali Kalia Interior Design Blog Filling Spaces said...

This is super cute,love to make some for my bag!

beth kruse custom creations said...

i love this! and i can do it!

elizabeth @ twelvecrafts said...

I have a bunch of these little slide hair pins, and I never wear them because they just look so plain. Love this idea! Now I can updo them and us them!

Renée said...

Really sweet, pretty and easy to do! Thanks so much!

Student Entrepreneur said...

Just gave you an award over on my blog!!

Danielle said...

Those lace flowers are darling! I have to make 100 all for myself :)

P.S. I made your orange rolls and they were a huge hit at my office! I will post on them very soon. The picture is AWFUL because I forgot to take one at home and had to use my phone before they got devoured.

Unknown said...
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