Apr 21, 2010

How to Change No Reply to Your E-mail address

This is super easy to do and will make it easier for everyone responding to your comments via e-mail.  I think this is one great way to carry a conversation with someone (which can be hard to do with a blog.)

Go to your DASHBOARD and then to EDIT PROFILE

The first Section is PRIVACY

Click on the box that says SHOW MY E-MAIL ADDRESS

Some of you may have to enter your e-mail.

That's it!

Now we can all have better conversations!  Awesome.
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Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} said...

Ha! Great suggestion! I think several people also have their blogs set to private and don't realize it. Ummmm, I can't visit you if you don't let me in! lol!

Anonymous said...

Very cool Ty for the share

Between You and Me said...

ummm. thank you so much for teaching those of us that really struggle, like ME, to know all the details of this thing called blogging.

adding that feature now.

Mary Ann said...

Thanks for coming by Jessica. Your photos are gorgeous. That blue eyed Allie is precious. Have a great day!

M.O.T.B said...

I left you a little something on my blog:)

tara said...

I have the most basic question....how do I get people to even look at my blog?

Pati @ A Crafty Escape said...

Great tip! I was just coming by to thank you for visiting my blog. I'm so glad you liked the bandanna skirt- it's sooooo easy to make!

P.S. Thanks for hosting Favorite Things Friday!