Apr 6, 2010

Babies and Tutus

I forget how big Allie is until I look back at pictures of her (this was January 2009) She was about 9 months here...

And from now until April 30th, MissTutu.com is sending out free videos on how to make these tutus.  She shows you how to make no-sew tutus, which are REALLY cheap if you make them yourself!

I think these are great cheap baby gifts (or even toddler) and they cost you around $20-$40 in retail stores.

Make sure you mention my name Jessica if you go request a video.
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Anonymous said...

Jessica she is adorable:)
They grow so fast

Jax @ AlyandAsh said...

How Cool! Thanks for posting I signed up and mentioned your name!

Margie said...

She is so beautiful!
Can't believe how fast they grow up!
I miss my sweet little ones!
Now they are big sweet ones!

Virginia Sar said...

Hi Jessica, I see you in other blogs. I live in argentina, I´m a writer and a mom too.
Your pictures have a special light, so warm.
Visit my blog anytime.


Adrian said...

Allie is so little here!

Jessica Marie said...

She's so stinking cute! I love babies in tutu's! I'm sending this site to my sister in-law. She will love it. My niece needs a tutu!