Nov 11, 2016

My Current Diet- Feeling Great and Not "Dieting!"

I have been asked by a couple people how I manage to stay skinny having kids, not working out a lot, and not being on a super strict diet (in my eyes) and thought I would share- not just for others, but also because I like to keep a food journal every few months when I'm feeling really good so I can look back for help and ideas when I'm not feeling as great.

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I have to start by saying I have pretty good skinny genes- however, I do gain weight VERY easily and pretty much every Spring I gain 5-10 lbs without changing anything (I think it is from lack of activity in the long winter)

Here is what I eat pretty much every day including weekends but not usually holidays:


1-2 eggs
1 high fiber toast with jam
Homemade Greek Yogurt with Cool whip and fruit/granola
Apples and cheese


Leftovers (1 serving)
Sandwich (PB&Honey, lunch meat, leftover meat, veggie, etc)
Wendy's JBC (maybe once a week, but usually less)
If I am just a little hungry I'll eat a snack instead


Homemade greek yogurt with some cool whip and granola
Apple and cheese stick
Melon (when in season)
Diet coke/dr pepper/crystal light

Dinner (my main recipes can be found here)

Fajitas and Chili are our favorites
Other meals with chicken, fish, pork, or elk (all low fat meats)
1-2 pieces of pizza ( we usually have pizza night once a week)
Breakfast for dinner (egg and toast for me, waffles for the kids)
Broccoli mixed in with a little mac n cheese or Alfredo (depending on what the kids are eating, I will usually eat the same thing but just a tiny portion along with a big portion of veggies)

Bedtime snack:

No sugar almond milk sweetened with Truvia
Chocolate rice cakes (1-3)

I always eat when I am hungry unless it is late at night.

I always eat whole grains unless there isn't a whole wheat option.

I always have a treat every day- whether it is a fun size candy bar, small handful of chocolate chips, or rice cake or yogurt will sometimes be fine.

I listen to what my body is telling me I need and I'll eat it, just in small portions (especially when it isn't something very healthy)

I don't have any foods that are off limits but I find that when I am eating right I crave all the healthy stuff instead anyway- especially fresh veggies!

I really don't like cooking, but I really like getting my kids to eat healthy foods- this diet isn't for everyone- I am not a foodie either and food is more about energy and health to me with a little fun mixed in once in a while.  I find more enjoyment in other things like sports, photography, naps, TV time, and dating my husband :)

I also stay pretty active taking care of and playing with my kids.  I tore my achilles tendon last year from running with an injury so I am still not able to run much, but I plan to start up again in the coming year.  I also try to keep my core strong to prevent back problems.

If you are someone wanting to make changes, the first thing I would do is try to make your portions SMALLER and SLOWLY replace unhealthy foods with healthy ones.  Soon you won't be as hungry and the healthy foods will taste really good!

Hope this helps you get through the holidays a little easier! :)  Happy Friday!
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