Nov 18, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Girls

1. Clothing 

I think my #1 request every year is some kind of clothing.  I am sure the girl you are shopping for has at least one piece of clothing she is looking for.  Online boutiques are a great place to start and I Shop Simply is one of my faves.  I was so lucky to be able to work with them and do some modeling.  I ended up spending more money than making any because I HAD to have like 10 things from their shop!  

This Perfectly Pink shirt was one of my favorites to wear.  Here are some more of my faves:

2. Some nice pajamas

I am always so cheap when it comes to my pajamas and lounge-wear, but have always wanted to splurge on some.  Needham Lane has some amazing pajamas that are also so adorable and would make the best gift!  Aren't their prints so beautiful?!  Perfect for Christmas morning!

Needham Lane’s sleepwear is 100% cotton that only gets softer with each wash. The average cost of the boyfriend style pajama, shown above, is $78. Other styles are available, too. A 20% discount is available when you join their email list

3. Skin Care Products

Personally I have never been able to fork out a lot of money on anti-aging skin care, but lately I have really reconsidered...I am seeing a little more darkness under my eyes and some fine lines getting larger. :(  I was so excited to be able to try some of the Le'Vea Skin Care System

I have been using the under-eye serum and the Toner and I LOVE them!  Since I turned 30 I've been just using Oil of Olay and it has definitely helped with the fine lines and the dark circles, but doesn't even compare to these products!  I have really acne-prone skin and these have been great for me.  I immediately saw results with both of them!  So happy about it!

Another skin care product I have been using and LOVING is the Elizabeth Arden Superstart Skin Renewal Booster.  This stuff doesn't clog your pores, absorbs so smoothly, makes my skin so soft, and smells AMAZING.  I think the smell is ones of the best smells EVER- I wish they made a perfume in it!  I also love the container it comes in- comes out great and is really nice and easy to use.  You girl would feel so pampered and special opening this on Christmas morning and think of you every time she uses it!

4. Kitchen Gadgets

I am not a huge cook at all.  I really don't like cooking unless I have lots of time and can focus all of my attention on it (which NEVER happens) But, I also don't have a lot of the best kitchen gadgets or even sharp knives.  After getting the Any Sharp knife sharpener I noticed how much easier it made cooking!  Sharp knives make a big difference!  This would make a great gift for the woman in your life that actually likes to cook because I was pretty excited about it and I don't even like to!  haha!  Plus, they come in really fun colors:

4. Fusion Belts

These belts are awesome for running or even just working out.  It is so nice to have a place to put your phone, keys, etc and not worry about them falling out.  They are stretchy and comfortable and cute too!

7. Scentsy/Wax Warmer/Candle

ANY woman would like to have something to make their home smell good.  I am a huge fan of the holiday scents especially.  You can't go wrong with a Christmas tree/ pine scent.  Lowe's even has a black friday special on a warmer and 4 different wax bars for $12.99 right now.

8. Slipper Socks

These Minx NY slippers are my FAVORITE!  I am wearing them right now as I type this.  I love having slippers to wear in the house, but sometimes they just aren't warm and comfy enough.  These definitely are very warm and very comfy- plus they have a pocket to put your cell phone in!  So handy!  They are also adorable!  Any girl would feel pampered to get these as a gift!

I hope this helps give you some ideas for your holiday shopping!
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