Nov 3, 2016

Fireplaces and House Update

I know I REALLY need to do a house update!  Here is a quick one:

We have basically gone from digging in September to getting our window wells in has taken quite a bit longer than expected due to delays with the subcontractors - bummer but not much we can do about it. :(  


Wood and bottom cabinet paint color options

Counter-top and back-splash options

Hardware we chose along with cabinet paint color and tile options

More done on foundation

Today I have been discussing fireplace options with our builder.  I love that this home is so customize-able and basically our budget is the only limit we have!  Here are some of my faves and that I have been using to help me choose materials:

Image credits can be found here

You can get more updates on the home building process on my instagram @thehillsarelivin

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1 comment:

Jamie Clark said...

Don't do a fireplace ledge! They are dangerous with small children. At least in my experience. :)