Jun 15, 2016

Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day always creeps up on me so I thought this year I would be prepared and figure out what I was going to do for it as soon as June hit us!

1. An AwesomeBox

These are SO cool!  Basically you can get a whole group together online (or just do one yourself) and it is really easy to coordinate and organize.  They do all the work for you- all you have to do is enter the emails of the people you want writing messages and adding pictures to the cards in the box, along with the date you want it delivered.  I am so excited for my Dad to get his this year!

2. The Platypus Backpack

I talked about using the Platypus on our trip to Kauai.  It was so amazing and I have used it since then- even just to the fair, etc and it is so nice!  This would be especially good for dads that like to hike and camp, and that have valuables they need to keep with them while they are doing these things.

These Wood Wrist Watches are SO cool and would be an awesome gift for any guy.  They are SO beautiful , made from some of the finest woods, and compliment any outfit.  Before we adjusted it to fit my husband, I was wearing it with even just a t-shirt and jeans.  My husband has paired it with work attire and even his nice suit for church.  He loves it!

4. Cell Phone Accessory:

This year I am getting my husband a portable power bank for his phone.  I have also gotten him cases in the past- he especially liked the sports teams cases I have gotten him.  HERE is the powerbank I got Trey this year if you are looking.

5. Sports Paraphernalia

This is always a winner with my husband- he is a huge sports fan so he is pretty easy to buy for.  If your husband happens to like any of these 5 teams, feel free to print off a stadium graphic for yours (my husband loved these!)

6. A Really Awesome Experience

If my husband was more of a thrill seeker, I would DEFINITELY get him a Groupon or something similar for Father's Day to go sky-diving.  If that is a little too much thrill there are also zip-line deals and more- this video was the groupon I got to zipline in Kauai and it was SO much fun!  OR if they would rather get something to help them relax I would day go with a massage :)

7. Migraine Magick

My husband gets headaches/migraines a LOT and pain killers really don't even touch it.  This Migraine Magick spray/roll-on blend of frankincense, lavender, lemon, rosemary, peppermint, and more really is a great alternative to taking some Excedrin - especially if you are taking it frequently.  I love that it takes effect immediately too.  Plus, they have a love it or it's free policy!  Let him feel taken care of by you by getting him one of these and a coupon for a massage from you!  

8. Closet Organization

If your husband is OCD like mine, her likes his stuff organized and clothing wrinkle-free.  These Xangar closet spacers have been something he has loved having!  Surprise your husband by adding these to his closet for Father's Day!

9. Something Simple

If you like to keep the holidays simple, I would go with a nice card and his favorite meal or candy.  I am thinking I will go get a fillet of salmon and mixed salad for Father's Day since that is pretty much our favorite and easy to make on a Sunday after church.  I usually have the kids make him cards because they are always really cute and its fun to see what they come up with.  

Hope these ideas help- Happy soon-to-be Father's Day!
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