Jun 30, 2016

Let's Be Adventurers

Something about summer makes me want to get out and be adventurous.  I have been able to do a lot of really fun and exciting things this Spring and Summer!  I feel really lucky, especially since after having kids can make being adventurous hard to do.  I am actually really not dreading the teenage stage for this reason- I hope my kids will want to do exciting things with me!

This year there were a few things that I really, really loved having on my adventures:

1. Selfie Stick:

I always thought these were the dumbest things!  But, when we planned our anniversary trip to Hawaii I knew the only way we would get good pics of us together was by getting one- and boy am I converted now!  Not only are they great to get the perfect pic of both of you at really awesome and beautiful places, but I think I like it even more for getting those action videos that are really fun to watch back after your trip!  I am a huge advocate of making sure you get lots of great pics and videos so you can relive your trip over and over again afterwards!

2. Coleman Sleeping Bag

This Coleman Comfort Cloud 40 Sleeping bag is so awesome.  It has memory foam on the bottom so you are extra comfortable while camping.  It also has a super soft minky fabric around the top where your face is and I loved that!  It is very warm and easy to roll up too.   I definitely won't be sharing this one with my kids ;)

3. Better Bungee

When you take a truck anywhere you almost always need some tie downs and bungees.  These Better Bungees are so great because they safely stretch twice their original length but still retain their stretch.  They are the most durable tie downs that will not crack, break, or become brittle and are great for all outdoor adventures and more.

4. Platypus Hydration Pack

You can read more about this little gem of a backpack here, but there is so much I love about this bag and I will NEVER leave home without it on any adventure I go on!

5. Clevermade Snapbasket

Not only is this basket the perfect size- nice and big but can fit in the car on the floor perfectly, but once you eat all your food you can super easily fold it down flat and fit it almost anywhere!  I like using the pocket on the inside for plastic-ware so I don't have to take a whole box of it too.  It is a really handy basket!  I plan on using it a lot this summer.

6. Chacos

I borrowed my sister's Chacos for our trip to Kauai and now I plan on buying my own because I found myself really needing them after I gave them back to her for lots of other "adventures"  I love these bright colored ones!
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