Apr 18, 2014

Fave Things Friday

I figured I haven't done a Favorite Things Friday in FOREVER and wanted to share some of my favorite new things!

1. Favorite New App:

Keepy- an excellent app for storing your kids' artwork, crafts, milestones, cute things they say (recorded) etc.  I LOVE this because Allie makes new crafts and artwork everyday and I don't have the room for it, Macsen is always saying such cute and funny things and now I can record it, and Jensen's milestones are SO hard for me to keep track of!  All 3 problems solved!  Plus, it has a super great layout and I can easily share all of these things with their grandparents and aunts and uncles.

2. Favorite New Hobby:

Fish!  My husband's dad gave him his SUPER awesome and nice fish tank setup and it has kept us entertained for weeks now...every weekend is a new thing and this weekend we are getting some fish.  The kids LOVE it so much and it is a much less messy pet than a dog or cat :)

3. Favorite New Buddy:

Speaking of pets, this little guy is my sister's new "baby" and he is the cutest!  They call him "Barry!"

 4. Favorite New Product:

I was looking for some new bras that work well with nursing and weren't ugly and I am so glad I found these ones from Target!  I got 3 of them and they are so cute and comfy!

5. Favorite New Quote:

General Conference was a couple weekends ago and I loved this quote from it:

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Adrian said...

That app looks way cool! I will have to check it out. Also, nice fish tank!

Jess said...

Thanks Adrian! :)