Apr 17, 2014

Cell Phone Week: After Images

Guys, only 2 more days left of Cell Phone week.  Today I am excited to share this really cute, fun, and trendy shop called After Images.  You can tell they did their homework when you read their shop information:

Creative, truly unique and custom iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 5/5s/5c, HTC, Galaxy S3 and S4 accessories, all created by Steven and Cathy, two Cleveland based designers (with the occasional help from our cats). Our custom cases are unmatched and we work with you to design typography, retouch photos and rework imagery. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitators ;-)
All cases are done with high quality sublimation techniques that won’t ever fade! The metal we print on is manufactured in the U.S and we use Eco Smart model Hix machinery, manufactured in the U.S.
These were just a couple of my faves. I loved SO many it was hard to choose:

The case they sent me is this adorable fox case:

I chose this one because my kids are obsessed with "What does the fox say?"  and all things fox.  I got it in a heavy duty protection case and it makes me feel good to have it on my phone- much less worried about it getting dropped :)

You now have the chance to win a case of choice.  Just use the raffelcopter below to enter:

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