Apr 22, 2014

Bright Eye's Baby

I'm not sure how many of you remember Bright Eyes Kids from when we did a giveaway, but I am really excited as they are working with Parker Jacobs (the artist behind Yo Gabba Gabba) to do an artist series of blankets!  The idea behind the blankets is to use the high contrast of black and white to encourage a baby’s visual stimulation and development.  They have some really cute patterns available on their site, and 4 different types of blanket material too:

My personal favorite are these tummy time playmats and in the chevron!  But, really, I love them all :)

Currently Bright Eye's is running a kickstarter campaign to raise funds for these great artist series blankets and you can help them reach their goal and receive a blanket!  
I love these tummy time playmats:

Go check out the other designs and blankets that will be available if they can reach their goal- and help them do it!  They only have 7 days to go!!

These blankets will be available to those who backed the campaign, or purchased the blankets in June of this year if they can reach it!

If you are loving the classic designs, right now until May 1st Bright Eyes is offering them at 40% off to Favorite Things readers with coupon code "favoritethings"  That is an amazing deal! 

These make GREAT baby shower gifts and even Mother's Day gifts for the young mothers in your life.   Normal prices would be $15, $40, $45, $60, and with the discount they drop to $9, $24, $27, $36!!
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